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WWE had a plan to fight Monday night football On September 27th, we will maintain the momentum gained by bringing in Roman Reigns to counter the NFL the previous week.The plan included announcing the WWE title match between Big E and Bobby Lashley and launching the latest. Living, Then angle it to turn it into a main event steel cage battle for the belt.

I don’t know what the consequences of another plan will be, but it’s hard to get too excited. LivingThe latest number of.

The average three-hour audience for the show fell 4.5% from September 20 to 1,709,333. The decline of 1 to 3 hours is also a little steeper than last week, and in the last few weeks

1st hour: 1,818 million
2nd hour: 1,714 million
3rd hour: 1,596,000 people

Ratings for major demos also declined slightly, with an average of .48 years aged 18-49 years. One promising sign: The Steel Cage match succeeded in establishing some (also known as Big for young adults), as the ratings for 18-34 years were the same in the first and third hours. I love E).

Of course, there were many other factors. NS MNF The game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles has pitted rivals from major markets with a national fan base, and that number has increased since last week for ESPN and ESPN2.Also on Monday’s WWE show Extreme rules Fallout Edition that doesn’t look very excited Living..

Next week is a draft and the numbers will always be displayed.

Complete results and this week Living Live blog click here..Click to read a summary and review of the evening event here..Click for show highlight video here..

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Steel Cage Despite WWE Title Matches, Raw Numbers Decrease Steel Cage Despite WWE Title Matches, Raw Numbers Decrease

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