Steel City Interactive provides up-to-date information on the development progress of the eSports Boxing Club

Steel City Interactive, the development studio behind the upcoming eSports Boxing Club, provided the latest information on how the team is moving the game.

The self-funded development team started with four people, and around this time there was a plan to release it to Early Access and increase the title over time. The team has grown to 13 members of staff thanks to a small investment and is confident in providing a true next generation boxing experience.

To meet the high expectations of the team, they decided to postpone the start of early access in December. The team has made progress with realistic models and innovative footwork systems, but they want to step into the gas and continue to improve their feet in other areas of the game, including concerns about punch speed. I will. The purpose of the movement trailer was footwork, but they listen to all the feedback.

The current development status of the Early Access release is as follows:

  • vl Physics and Mechanics Implemented – v2 Under Development
  • 70% carrier mode implemented
  • Offline multiplayer implemented
  • Experimental online multiplayer mode has been implemented
  • A fully customizable character creator has been implemented
  • Upload / download characters enabled via Steam
  • 21 license boxers implemented
  • Nine venues created so far
  • First commentary implemented
  • Ability to create your own career mode – the ability to rename everything from trainers to judges

The release date for Early Access has not been announced, but the team has promised to bring the game to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and next-generation consoles and release it on PC first. They are also trying to get the game on the Xbox Game Preview.

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