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Many attending and watching at home were shocked when the Terrell Edmunds name was called in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ choice.

The idea was that the Steelers arrived in the first round for a man they might have had in the third round. The situation then seemed to improve a bit with the choice of receiver James Washington, but as the Steelers continued to move away from position, QB Mason Rudolph and Project Tackle’s Chukuuma Okorafor’s consecutive choices made many heads. If necessary, grab someone who has no impact early in your career-or thought so.

Flashforwarding three years later, Edmonds started all the games he played for the Steelers and has played nearly 3,000 snaps so far. Rudolf is active as a spot starter, and Okorafor and Washington have played an important role in the attack, including the introduction of Okorafor as a left side tackle in 2021.

The latter selections of Marcus Allen and Jaylen Samuels also had time to play key games and sometimes provided valuable snaps, but Joshua Fraser in the seventh selection did not make a roster.

It’s a roundabout way to say that the 2018 class was average. Athletic Dane Burgler is a bit low for the whole class, He is ranked 25th in the NFL for his recent draft regrade rankings (subscription required).

The Steelers class Bluegler’s 25th place ranking is Ravens 1st, Browns 4th and Bengals 18th, comfortably slotted as the “worst” class in the AFC North area.

According to Brugler, Edmonds is up and down, to say the least, but remains the Steelers’ best-in-class player.

“Edmonds has become polarized. He was productive with 251 tackles and 3 intercepts in 43 starts, but had a share of failure. Still, Edmonds was in Pittsburgh 2018. He was the best player in his class, “says Brugler.

But Bluegler also says Edmonds is the biggest mistake in the Steelers class.

“It’s usually not a great sign when the best players on the draft class team are also their biggest mistake, but that’s the situation with the Steelers. Although they ranked 90th overall on the 2018 draft board. I was surprised to hear that Edmonds’ name was called in 28th place. He is highly productive and qualified as a top player in the Steelers class, but it is the first choice, “Brugler said. Said.

It is important to point out that the Steelers found a defensive starter in Edmonds. He definitely reached 28th place throughout the year (especially when a guy like Jesse Bates in Cincinnati is on the board), but the fact that he started, showed a flash and was always available. You can’t miss it.

There’s some good news from Bluegler’s work as NFL Draft analysts have nailed Ocolafor as Steelers’ best value pick. Okorafor lost in a training camp to start his right tackle job last summer, but played in all 16 games last season, 15 games after Zach Banner defeated the New York Giants in the second half of the first week. It was started. In total, Okorafor is expected to play 30 games in three years and be the first left tackle in Pittsburgh this season.

“After Zach Banner broke the ACL in the first week of last season, Okorafor intervened with the right tackle and started the last 15 games. It wasn’t always pretty, but he was a defender. Showed an improved unison between his hands and feet to control. With a strong training camp, Ocolafor could be the Steelers’ first left tackle in the opening round of the season. ” Brugler said.

Sure, it’s a draft class, and given the guys on the board, a lot was desired for each pick, but given that I found one legitimate starter at Edmonds, this is overall. It’s hard to say that it’s a bad class. Ocolafor is likely to launch a QB in Rudolph in 2022, and James Washington has more depth receivers than service.

It’s definitely not one of the best classes of general manager Kevin Colbert, but it’s far from one of the worst classes of many years of GM’s career.

– NFL Sports

Steelers 2018 Draft Class ranked 25th in Dane Burgler’s regrade exercise Steelers 2018 Draft Class ranked 25th in Dane Burgler’s regrade exercise

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