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Except for the big surprise from now to Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers will bring linebacker Vince Williams back on the field for the 16th week match against Indianapolis Colts. As you can imagine, many people are excited about Williams’ expected return to defense on Sunday, including defense coordinator Keith Butler.

“It’s definitely a voice,” Butler said Thursday when asked what it meant for Colts to return Williams to the field on Sunday. “Communication will help us. The people there did a pretty good job of communication, but Vince [Williams] I’m a little more confident in what he’s doing. The people around him are a little more confident about what we are doing with him there, and about that. It will certainly help us. “

It’s clear that Steelers members aren’t the only ones looking forward to Williams’ return on Sunday. We have confirmed that both external linebackers TJ Watt and Safety Minkah Fitzpatrick will fall into that category on Thursday.

“Yes, I think Vince is confident. He loves football,” Watt told Williams on Thursday. “He loves this game and enjoys being around all these guys in this locker room. We also love being in his company. So inside our defense Back this week to allow the guy playing that leadership role to call and be very active on his phone and be very confident in what he is doing It’s great to have him and play with him again. “

Fitzpatrick’s Thursday answer to the question about what defense meant to regain Williams on Sunday was similar to that of Butler and Watt.

“That means there’s a leader in the linebacker core we’ve been doing it for a while,” Fitzpatrick said. “Avery [Williamson] And Chico [Marcus Allen], They did a great job while there, but Vince has been running this defense for a long time and it’s good to get him back. He is communicating well. Things get a little more fluent when there’s a guy who’s been back there for a while. “

Linebackers Avery Williamson and Marcus Allen both played extensively, as Williams set aside the last two games on the Reserve / COVID-19 list, the former being a great dot wearer and therefore defensive. It was a quarterback. Williamson may be asked to wear a green dot again against Colts on Sunday, but Williams will greatly help him in the communications department whenever he is in the field. Williams probably knows the defense and calls better than any other player on the team. This includes defensive captain Cameron Hayward.

Williams last played in the match when he played against the Washington Football Team in the 13th week. In that game, all 45 yards were in a hurry, with Steelers defending. In two games after Williams didn’t play against Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals, the Steelers defense abandoned 256 yards above the ground. The Steelers team, Colts, who plays on Sunday, has averaged 114 yards during the season and has attacked 149 yards per game in the last three contests.

In summary, the Steelers defense needs to get a real shot against Colts, who Williams returned to the field on Sunday. Hayward probably best summarized on Wednesday what Williams’ return to the field in week 16 meant for defense.

“He’s been doing that for a while,” Hayward said of Williams. “He’s one of the strongest defensive players we can trust, so it was a bit of a tweak to leave him out. Obviously, you want to connect a guy and not miss a beat, but for Vince. , He doesn’t miss many games. He’s the one you can trust and the young people are still coming. So getting him back is the spirit or the spirit they can talk about things. It only benefits the group in terms of intellectuals, but when he is in the field, his physicality, the way he can electric shock, he really gives us an extra edge. “

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Steelers are ready to return the “extra edge” to defense when Williams returns from the COVID list Steelers are ready to return the “extra edge” to defense when Williams returns from the COVID list

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