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According to the Pro-Football Reference, the Pittsburgh Steelers will enter the final eighth week of the NFL with the yards they won in their first downplay. The Steelers offense averaged only 4 yards per play on the first down, and offense coordinator Matt Canada was informed of his unit rankings on Thursday. When the team is preparing to play the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

“Really?” Canada asked.

Canada was then asked if that aspect of the Steelers attack had been significantly self-scouted during the team’s goodbye week last week.

“We want to make everything better,” Canada said. “Yeah. That is, we want to make everything better. I know, you know, you know, you know, let’s be efficient and efficient And I think you can talk about going beyond the chain, you know. Then you can take some deep shots first and hit them and you can start increasing that number. And then that number will increase, so again, the important thing is to win. I haven’t minimized your points, but as I said last week, third down is really important to us. I think it’s a good statistic. We’re pretty good with thirds and shorts. Thirds and longs aren’t very good at it. And it’s certainly not a statement of any kind of rocket scientist, I’m all of you doing it I know I’m going to understand. “

Explosive play will certainly help the Steelers on their first down, or even any down. The Steelers offense has had problems throughout the season when it comes to creating explosive play, and even outside the first down.

So far this season, the Steelers offense has had only three explosive plays over 20 yards, one of which was a deep pass. This is considered by the NFL gamebook to be a pass that crosses the line of scrimmage in the air for more than 15 yards. This season, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger attempted a total of six deep passes more than 15 yards from the field, but only completed two of them.

Steelers offenses, whatever their value, enter week 8 with a 47.9% success rate on the first down. Obviously, we want that number to exceed 50 percent. Kneeling is not included. At the Steelers offense, the run / pass spray is evenly divided even on the first down, entering the eighth week.

Can the Steelers attack be remedied in the first downyard they earned against the Browns in Cleveland on Sunday? Let’s take a look, but it’s worth pointing out that the Browns defense entered the Sunday game in the NFL and is the highest 4.6 yards allowed in the first down so far this season. The Browns defense also allowed a total of eight explosive plays over 20 yards in the first down of the season, four of which were deep passes completed.

I think the Steelers offense seems to do a lot in the first down with the Browns on Sunday. Still, you’ll see Roethlisberger trying a couple of deep first down passes in the game as well. If he can hit some of those deep pass attempts, it can make a big difference when it comes to the outcome of the game.

“But the first thing we think about is keeping it in control, but obviously having an explosive would help,” Canada said Thursday. rice field.

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Steelers OC Matt Canada deals with the last unit in the NFL on average in the first downyard Steelers OC Matt Canada deals with the last unit in the NFL on average in the first downyard

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