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The· Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday afternoon, the last regular season match of 2020 Cleveland Browns They are about to win their 13th victory after losing three times in a row at home last Sunday. Below are five important things I believe the Steelers need to do in the game to win the Roadwin with the Browns and finish the regular season with a record of 13-3 and a sweep in the AFC North area.

Stop Rub-A-Chubb-Chubb – Steelers didn’t have to face the Browns running back Nick Chub He missed the contest due to an MCL injury, so at a previous season’s meeting between the two teams. During the season, Chub has a total of 176 carries, 959 yards and 11 touchdowns. He also has a whopping 14 runs over 15 yards during the season, which is very impressive. The Browns will want to run quite a bit at the Steelers on Sunday, and there are no outside linebackers, especially at the front of Pittsburgh. TJ Watt And defensive harness Cameron Hayward I got dressed. If Browns could easily move football to the ground against the Steelers defense on Sunday, it could lead to long afternoons and solid losses. Shutting down the rest of the Chub and Browns running games on Sunday is a top priority.Cleveland quarterback Baker Mayfield You need to beat the Steelers with your arm on Sunday.

Break through the first quarter drought – The Steelers offense last recorded a first-quarter touchdown in the tenth week Cincinnati Bengals.. In addition, the Steelers attack produced just four first-quarter touchdowns throughout the season. The two ran in a running back James Connor And wide receiver Chase Claypool And the other two were caught by wide receivers Dionte Johnson..Sunday, backup quarterback Mason Rudolph You’ll be tasked with breaking through six consecutive games without an aggressive touchdown in the first quarter.It’s for him to do that as the third-year quarterback from Oklahoma had only two such first-quarter touchdown drives in the eight games he started in place of the quarterback. Will be a considerable achievement Ben Roethlisberger Last season. If the Steelers couldn’t score against the Browns early and Cleveland took two ownerships in half-time, it might not be much fun to watch in the second half. This attack could actually use at least one first-quarter touchdown before the postseason begins.

Lost running game radar – Steelers raised tight end Kevin Raider From the practice team of the team on Saturday, he is guaranteed to play against Browns on Sunday. Raiders may be perfect for blocking the tight end of the 2020 Steelers. It’s time to find out if that really is the case. The Steelers will have to keep trying to get the running game to work to some extent against the Browns on Sunday. To do so, it may be necessary to run a personnel group of 12 and 22 people, clearly including two tight ends. In the worst case, Raider needs to play at least 15 aggressive snaps against Browns on Sunday to show what he is a run blocker in the process. It’s a Sunday sink or swim for the Raider, which may be the only chance to prove himself in his true NFL game. Who knows, maybe he can help get the running game on track.

Situationally healthy – Defeating the Browns on Sunday without Roethlisberger and some other starters will be a significant task for the Steelers. However, if the Steelers attack is appropriate for the situation throughout the game, the task will be easier. No one expects the Steelers attack to be perfect on Sunday’s third down, but anything less than five yards needs to be converted with money down. This includes the third, first, third and second opportunities for the unit to stink most of the season. In his career, Rudolph has four touchdowns and three intercepts, with 44 out of 79 third downs. He was also fired seven times in Third Down. He moved the chain only 28 times, with the 86th down dropback. In the third and less than five of his career entering the 17th week, Rudolph was 29-13 without two touchdowns and intercepts, and he was fired five times. Of these 34 third and less than 5 dropbacks, Rudolph converted only 12 times at 35%. The chances of a red zone are unlikely to be many and should be converted to a touchdown on Sunday. That’s another area that Rudolph struggled with when he played.Browns defense does not have some starters on Sunday and includes cornerbacks due to COVID issues Denzel Ward And Kevin Johnson And safety Andrew Senndejo In addition to BJ Goodson And Malcolm Smith.. Goodson, Smith and Sendejo are the top three team leaders in tackle for Browns entering the 17th week.It helps to increase the score of Steelers’ attacks that miss Roethlisberger along with the center Mokis Pouncy Tight end Eric Ebron on Sunday.

Stay healthy, my friends – The Steelers will sit a few starters on Sunday and try to get some others out of the game sooner or later. Still, a significant portion of the 53 roster needs to play a significant number of snaps on Sunday, a game that is essentially meaningless to the team. The worst thing you could do against Browns in Cleveland on Sunday is to miss the team’s first playoff game next weekend due to ongoing injuries. The Steelers finished their 16th week match against Indianapolis Colts relatively well. It’s for them that they can do the same for Browns in Cleveland on Sunday.

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Steelers vs. Browns: Five Keys to Victory in Week 17 Steelers vs. Browns: Five Keys to Victory in Week 17

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