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The key to winning (or losing) the Pittsburgh Steelers today’s game, as we’ve done in the past. At the finale of this 17th week of 2020 regular season between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns, there are three things they need to do to the right of the score and vice versa.

My prediction is at the bottom.

If the Steelers win …

1. Front Seven slows down execution

Repeated throughout the week. The primary goal of playing the Browns is to stop the run. Pittsburgh succeeded in the first meeting on that mission. But now the situation is different. Cleveland has two major players, RB Nickchub and OG Wyatt Teller, who missed the sixth week of the match. And Pittsburgh lacks some of the key elements that the game had. It’s hard to imagine something like Henry Mondou or the company that manages the Line of Scrimmage, says Kam Hayward. Chubb has the potential to hit some big runs in the inside zone scheme. The DB should be tackled with open glasses. Otherwise, it will be the story of the game.

2. Mason Rudolph airs

In order for Pittsburgh to get rid of the upset, the attack must hit chunk play. A success in the second half pushed the ball downfield, much like last week’s attack eliminated the 17-point deficit. Rudolph will not lead for a long time. Play 10-12 times to improve Roethlisberger’s abilities. He has to hit chunk play and Browns’ secondary is ripe for picking. In past games and training camps, Rudolph hesitated to dig deeper unless he had the perfect look and matchup. He will have to be more aggressive today. He also needs to show the presence of improved pockets against the fierce Browns rush.

3. Trick play does not reduce defense

Watch out for the Jarvis Laundry Pass. The Browns need a win to guarantee their post-season appearance after 20002 (when they lost to the Steelers). So they pull out all the stops to win. Laundry threw the ball four times this year. All four came between the opponent’s 30-45 yard line. That is the area where they become aggressive. Therefore, this defense requires disciplinary action over the years, especially if there are young people watching important behavior in the secondary (Justin Rain, Antoine Brooks, James Pierre).

The Steelers lose in the following cases …

1. The backup will be played as follows … Backup

It’s no secret why the Steelers are double-digit dogs. Many of the best players on the team are not playing and other players may be restricted. Instead of looking at leaders like Ben Roethlisberger, Cameron Hayward, and Mokis Pouncy, people like JC Hassenauer, Mason Rudolph, and Aura Adeny need to step up. Which guy is going to raise his backup status? Can Jordan Danger Field Force Fumble? Or did Adeniyi set an edge for execution? Perhaps Deon Kane plays big in the downfield? Someone needs to step up. Otherwise, Pittsburgh will lose.

2. Extension fails to control line of scrimmage

Cleveland has a tremendous front four. Myles Garrett is, of course, getting all the attention, but overall talented. Sheldon Richardson, Larry Ogunjobi and Olivier Vernon are all quality players. In particular, Ogunjobi can cause headaches in the middle. Ogunjobi is one of the most powerful and most effective interior defensive linemen in football, so Hasenauer will play better.

3. Pass rush indicates less complete rush

Another test for young players. A key to keep Baker Mayfield in your pocket. Can backup defensive lineworkers and external linebackers maintain it? Especially knowing that these guys are playing more snaps than before, especially tomorrow there are probably only three OLBs available, Adeniyi, Jay Elliott and Alex Highsmith. When players get tired, they are more likely to make mental and misassignment mistakes. And if you give him room to escape from his pocket and roll, it’s harder to do your job and chase Mayfield around the yard.


Browns: 26
Steelers: 16

Seasonal forecast record


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Steelers vs Browns Prediction-Steelers Depot Steelers vs Browns Prediction-Steelers Depot

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