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Haas boss Gwenzer Steiner revealed that the first idea of ​​how to make his F1 team’s business model work came from Stefano Domenicali, the current CEO of the championship.

While many new teams that have participated in the sport in recent years have not been successful, Haas is more successful and is about to enter its sixth season in 2021.

It arrived in F1 with a completely different business model than any other outfit, arranged a partnership with Ferrari and bought as much as possible from Italian outfits.

Looking back on the team’s origins in an exclusive interview with Autosport, Steiner said his first idea of ​​participating in the operation of an F1 team came when approached from a failed US F1 outfit in 2009. Said.

“This idea came about in a very strange way,” he said.

“At that time, F1 lost manufacturers such as BMW, Toyota and Honda, but I wanted to participate in US F1 which is 15km away from my house.

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“I was introduced to my boss Ken Anderson because he had to get my company to work. Bernie Ecclestone called me on a regular basis and the whole thing was clear. I didn’t, so I asked what was happening.

“One day, my main investor, Chad Hurley, called me and asked me how to get into F1 because I knew the world.

“The only solution [I felt] It was to buy a car that Dallara made for Campos, but apparently he didn’t have enough time to take part in the championship. A few days later he contacted Mr. Dallara and told me to discuss the issue. “

While Steiner was considering options to support the US F1, he met Domenicali (then the boss of the Ferrari team) and thought about the situation.

“One afternoon, I had some free time, so I went to see Stefano Domenicali to understand more about what the F1 environment was like at the time,” he explained.

“Stefano knew it wasn’t a well-founded project, so he advised me not to move Harley forward, but the idea of ​​creating an F1 team was already in my head. There was, so I thought about it for a while.

“In those months there was talk of a third F1 team for a potential customer team, so after a while I called Domenicali and got a project configured to have this car. I made a suggestion.

“He said:” Find someone who is willing to invest seriously in the race, and we will see. “

“So I started contacting people in the racing world until I found someone who knew Gene Haas, who was involved in NASCAR at the time.

“We met and started talking in detail, first far away. The negotiations lasted a year and he was convinced that Jean would eventually join, so he asked me to enter.

“It’s always difficult at first, but once you find someone to fund your project, you just work to make it happen, do it well, and use the knowledge you have.”

Haas has maintained a close relationship with Ferrari since joining F1, and this season’s partnership has become even closer with the establishment of a hub for an American-owned team in Maranello.

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Steiner: Domenicali influenced the Haas F1 Team’s business model | F1 News Steiner: Domenicali influenced the Haas F1 Team’s business model | F1 News

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