Stephen King’s favorite TV show, according to his Twitter Rave

British drama

Black Mirror, Life on Mars, Line of Duty, Stranger

From under his huge, transparent dome in Chesters Mill, Stephen King will often enjoy a bit of British television. In 2013, when it was a Channel 4 show on Netflix that was only available worldwide, King tweeted that he loved the anthology series of technology of the future. Black mirror, Called it “horrible, funny, intelligent” and compared it to the R rating Twilight zone.. Show creator Charlie Brooker, Told the Den of Geek Despite being a big fan of Stephen King, his reaction was characteristically suppressed.

“Do you think I probably smiled? Whenever something good happens in the world, I always think that something horrifying will happen right after that, so that’s what I get about something. It’s as exaggerated as. “

BBC Crime Drama-Time Travel-Fantasy-Twist Life on mars Another UK favorite that King described as one of his favorite shows so far in September 2020 is “It’s like going when you’re sad.”That same year he called Harlan Coben’s Mystery Thriller people who do not know, Starring Richard Armitage, a highly addictive mystery.Of course, King’s British TV crash at that moment is a BBC crime drama. Duties, He praises the central Mulder / Scully-type atmosphere between the protagonists Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming.

U.S. thriller

Big Sky, Bosch, Designated Survivor, Escape at Danne Mora, Fargo, Mindhunter, Perry Mason, The Good Fight, The Man in the High Castle, Morning Show

Stephen King's Top Show-US Thriller

After finishing all the two-finger KitKat from the minibar in Room 217 of The Overlook Hotel where he lives, Stephen King puts a thriller on the TV. Crime thriller, political thriller, legal thriller, alternate history Philip K. Dix thriller … he has time for all of them.King is a special fan of ABC’s murder show Big sky, Starring with Ryan Phillippe Viking‘Katheryn Winnick. In February of this year, he called it the best drama on network TV and said the last three episodes stepped into the Emmy territory.He calls Bosch One of the best detective series on TV, with a fascinating story and a great cast.Kiefer Sutherland-Starring Series Designated survivor He called it excellent, complex, and involved after migrating to Netflix.Prison drama Escape at Dannemora According to King, the best television described the penultimate episode in 2015 Fargo Season 2 as the best on TV in the last three years. In 2017, he highly recommended David Fincher’s serial killer drama Mind hunter, And last year it was called Matthew Rhys Perry Mason Restart “Good damn programs”. 2019, King Good wife spin off Good fight “The best show on TV” and I couldn’t find anything I like about Apple TV + Morning show Starring Jennifer Aniston.That was the year he also named Amazon Prime The man in the high castle Season 4 is “surprisingly good”, rewarding and involved.

Horror & Supernatural

Black Summer, Dracula, Haunting of Hill House, Servants, Stranger Things, Those

Stephen King's Top Show-Horror and the Supernatural

Stephen King takes a little scary action on television when he’s not growing a kidnapped novelist in a secluded hut in Colorado where he lives.He called for Mike Flanagan’s Shirley Jackson adaptation Haunting of Hill House “It’s close to a genius’s work,” M. said, although he’s generally not a fan of that kind of revisionism.Night Shyamalan servant “If anything is creepier or worthy of binge, I don’t know what it is,” he added about its focus, performance, and mood.He loved Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss BBC Dracula, Called it wonderfully “very bloody” and found the first episode of Amazon Prime Video they Scared hell from him, on Netflix Black summer To revitalize the zombie drama: “When you think the zombies have no more horror left. This is coming.” Stranger ThingsHe described the first season in a good way as “watching Steve King’s best album”.

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Stephen King’s favorite TV show, according to his Twitter Rave

https://www.denofgeek.com/tv/stephen-kings-favorite-tv-shows-according-to-his-twitter-raves/ Stephen King’s favorite TV show, according to his Twitter Rave

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