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You never say it in professional wrestling, right?

The cliché often appears in the world of professional wrestling, as so many stars struggle to put on their boots. In sports like baseball and basketball, performance on the field is immediately apparent when the athlete no longer has it. The results are scripted and there is really no valid performance statistics in the ring, so it can be difficult to find that line in wrestling. The biggest performance indicator is how much money and interest a wrestler brings to a promotion.That’s why Goldberg can maintain Come back Despite his reputation Terrible Wrestling match.

This is a long way to get to the main focus of this post. In short, Steve Austin is one of the few professional wrestlers to retire since he first left the ring. Austin has never wrestled again after his defeat at Rock. Wrestlemania 19 In 2003.

Many fans are looking forward to Stone Cold as it is one of the biggest attractions of the business to date. Another match The last 18 years.I heard Austin a little Accept ideas When CM Punk became the hottest star in professional wrestling in 2011.

But that never happened and will never happen.Talk to Ryan Satin Fox sports, Austin made it clear that he was never interested in wrestling again. He mentions it while explaining how podcasts can help keep you connected to the wrestling business.

“I was the biggest fan of business when I changed channels when I was only 7 and encountered it. Then I learned it and had the opportunity to run pretty well.

So I don’t want to do anything else in the ring. I’m done. I have retired. Everyone knows it. I don’t have to get out there and drop someone on the stack of dimes and give them wonders. Once a year, once every two years, anything. Oh, yes. This connection makes sense. “

Steve Austin, 56, may think everyone knows he’s retired, but can assure you that someone still believes he could return to the ring. When 61-year-old Sting appeared at AEW Talk about Of course, when playing a movie match, some fans want the impossible. After all, never say it in professional wrestling.

It’s clear that Austin’s card doesn’t have another match.However, his recent appearance is Living Created one of the worst segments of 2020.It was the first empty arena episode of Living March during a coronavirus pandemic. Austin was involved in a comedy segment that was completely bombed by Byron Saxton and Becky Lynch, but damaged Saxton’s leg. junk.. So Steve will never wrestle again, but when the pandemic is over, he must at least come back to make up for the unexploded ordnance.

Want to see Stone Cold come back to WWE once or twice a year and experience some wonders while promoting his current project? Or is there a more creative way to book him when interacting with WWE’s current roster?

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Steve Austin confirms he will never wrestle again Steve Austin confirms he will never wrestle again

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