Steve Conrad writes “GoT” prequel series “Dunk and Egg”

NS game of Thrones George RR Martin Part 1 Series The story of Dunk and Egg Is officially under development HBO Max, With Steve Conrad (Patriot, Perpetual Grace Co., Ltd.) Conducts as a writer and executive producer.

according to deadline, The new series will be held 90 years before the event A song of ice and fire, Inspiring Martin’s novel game of Thrones.. Dunk and Egg We will follow the adventures of Dunk (Ser Duncan the Tall) and Egg (future king Aegon V. Taregaryen). There are three Dunk and Egg Novella Total — Hedge Night, Oath sword, When Mystery night.. Martin made fun of future installments of Dunk and Egg’s adventure, but the status of the new novella is unknown.

Dunk and Egg Is one of several game of Thrones The first part series under development on HBO. In 2022 we will see Dragon house, A show set during the Targarien Civil War about 300 years ago game of Thrones Occur. Dragon house Paddy Considine starring King Visaly I Targarien, Emma Darcy as Princess Renilla Targarien, and Matt Smith as Prince Demon Targarien.

Conrad’s additional feature write credits Weatherman, Pursuit of happiness, When The Secret Life of Walter Miti.. He is also the writer and director of Neo Noir’s stop-motion animation series. Ultra City SmithNS, It premiered on AMC + in July 2021 and made its debut on AMC’s cable channel in late September.

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Steve Conrad writes “GoT” prequel series “Dunk and Egg”

https://screencrush.com/dunk-egg-game-of-thrones-prequel/ Steve Conrad writes “GoT” prequel series “Dunk and Egg”

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