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Hall of Fame Steve Farhood told Peter Maniatis about his 42 years of boxing experience as a boxing historian and showtime on-air boxing analyst.

1970s boxing

“I grew up in the 1970s when I was a kid. Of course, in America in the 70s, ants and heavy weights were everything, so I was what you call a casual fan. Nothing is too strong. I Did not buy the Ring Magazine every month. I was generally a sports fan.

Boxing’s first job

“I got a bachelor’s degree in journalism, graduated from college, and happened to get my first job at a company that publishes boxing and wrestling magazines. At that time, world boxing before KO magazine and long before it became ring magazine. In the news, I was immediately hooked on this sport. As soon as I looked up the files, did some research, and went to the fight, it was 42 years ago and I haven’t been bored for a day.

Four kings

“In terms of covering sports, in the early 80’s there were Leonard, Hearns, Durand and Hagler, who covered the vast outdoor Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and the Forkings battle at the Superdome, so very much. It was a great time. New Orleans. They were a really big fight. They were the news on the top page of the newspaper. Not only the sports news on the back page, but the news on the front page. Of course, we are all of them. It’s a pine for the old days. I want boxing to be as big as it was then. It’s reached its limits since then, but it was great at the time. For a young writer like me at the time. I was in my early twenties. Going to those battles was a dream come true.

COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) (# If there is no character limit, add parentheses when it first appears

“The best moment of boxing in 2020 was December 31st, no matter where I lived. Turn the page and say it’s the end of the year. Because 2020 wasn’t a good year for everyone. Let’s move on to 2021. It was interesting that everything started to change in America and the world in Minnesota on March 13th. We had a crowdless show in Minnesota, the ShoBox show. It’s America. It was the last sporting event in the United States, so to speak, before the pandemic. There was no crowd or audience. I remembered that I was there and wished I could go home. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in Minnesota. ..

I was able to go home, but everything shut down. Boxing or otherwise for quite some time. The sport went smoothly. Since this year’s pandemic, we’ve covered the great battle in San Antonio, the big battle between Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz. But still, traveling is a little uneasy. Unfortunately, the pandemic is still rampant in the United States.

The best boxer

“Boxing is probably the only sport that older men in the past can claim to be at least equivalent, if not better than boxers today. There are many reasons for them. They are profitable. I fought more often than I did at the time. I had a better trainer at the time. I have a lower weight class. I think 98% of boxing professionals say Sugar Ray Robinson was the best ever. That’s because his record he fought, the number of divisions he dominated when he fought them, was much lighter to the middleweight class.

I think Ray Robinson is number one. After that, the top five will be Henry Armstrong, Willie Pep, Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis. For me heavyweight, you have Ali and Louis, and then there’s a fair amount of drop-off, and anyone else you want to name, from my time, Roberto Durán and Ray Leonard, I was lucky enough to cover both, I think they are also on every list. They will be in the top 5 or 6.

Best Australian Boxer

“My personal favorite (from Australia), both as a boxer and as a person, is Jeff Fenech. When Jeff first appeared on American television, I became acquainted with Jeff early in the game. It was early in his career. I thought, “This is the best pressure fighter I have ever seen.” I still feel that way. To put pressure on – I’ve seen Ricky Hatton do it and Joe Frazier do it. Many other great fighters are putting pressure on him, but Jeff did it like anyone else. And the night he fought Azumah Nelson for the first time, they called it a draw and he was robbed – he was supposed to be the world champion in four divisions. I love Jeff. I have seen him in the Hall of Fame and he will easily become my favorite Australian fighter.

Crawford vs Spence

“One of the things we all look forward to is having fans in the 2021 fight, which is a very important factor in the fight. Event..You can’t have Event No fan. Hopefully, at least in the United States, vaccines are promised to be delivered probably in the middle of the year. As for the fight itself, the ones I want to see most are Errol Spence and Terence Crawford. That’s the battle I wanted to see a year ago. It will be a battle between the top pounds of the world’s pound fighters. Why didn’t it happen? Obviously, there is politics involved.

Lightweight division

“I’ve just seen a replay of the battle between Luke Campbell and Ryan Garcia. Now we have a lightweight division with Ryan Garcia, Gervonta Davis, Teofimo Lopez and Devin Haney raised in the showbox. These four fighters are all young and all spectacular. Politics aside – I would like to see some of those matches. The lightweight sector is still good. I was about a couple of years ago. Called one of George Cambosos’s fights in Connecticut. His talent was very obvious. He is a legitimate candidate. He is not well known to the American audience, He gets his shot.

WBA Selected as Promoter of the Year

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Steve Falhood »January 5, 2021 Steve Falhood »January 5, 2021

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