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A word about the League of Stickman 2 Sword Demon

Get the new A-Class Hero Sword Demon in this special version.


League of Stickman 2 is a silhouette-style online fighting RPG, making the game the first choice for 50 million players. Unlimited combos, Ult killer, and gorgeous skill effects deliver an unprecedented gaming experience.Combining multi-role teams, online dungeon extreme battles, and fair arena penalty shootouts for a new era of gorgeous ultimate battles

Story background:

In the world of souls and the world of ghosts, there is a prophecy of a millennial war called “Battle of Soul Destroyer” that repeats from beginning to end. Countless heroes and ghosts are involved in this war. The Nether Tower, which connects the two worlds, is a threat to humans. Some are fed up with this endless war, while others want the power of destruction to end this cycle altogether. Servants of God—Seven souls are angry everywhere and harvesting lives in the shadows. Avalon, the city of light, faces a brainwashed tribe making irrational attacks. AI rebellion in the city of steam with advanced mechanical civilization. Even under the Huang Quan, even the undead were found under the corrupt bauxite.

Game features:

Dark Fighting Art: Art shows the characteristics of stick figures. The music gives you a mysterious sensation.

Various cultivation systems: Enjoy the feeling of growing stronger.

Unique Combo Mode: Tap the same skill continuously to launch multiple attacks.

Lots of gameplay: In addition to regular instances, there are interaction gameplay like PVP and World BOSS and simulation gameplay like mining.

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Last note

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