Sticky Flip Strategy Guide-Stick on everything with these tips, tips and cheats

Sticky Flip is a game that throws something like rubber on various surfaces. You can combine cheerfulness and challenge into one package. To be honest, the biggest challenge here is not to laugh out loud when something like rubber lands in the wrong place.

The idea behind the game is very simple, but once you get over the ticking, it’s actually quite difficult. Therefore, we have compiled this strategy guide. Packed with the best tips, tips and tricks you’ve found while playing Sticky Flip.

Whether you’re new to the game or have been playing it for a while, it can be useful here. Now let’s get started with the best tips, tips and cheats you can find on Sticky Flip.

Tap only twice

Just one tap to launch from something stuck in the air, and that’s it until you connect to something else. There are no triple flips here. Keep in mind that you don’t have to double tap all the time. In fact, double-tapping often hangs on the floor.

Watch out for sandwiches

Landing on a sandwich gives you some extra points, but you can also throw a huge spanner into your piece. Since they aren’t attached to anything, your momentum often rolls sandwiches and gives you a short window to jump off or fall into your destiny. Be sure to aim for them, but pay attention to the results.

Remember what went wrong

If you fail a level, remember where the problem occurred and try something else next time. You have to learn from your mistakes and slip-ups, or you will be accused of repeating them forever. It’s as true in life as it is in games.

You don’t have to land on everything

There is no penalty for jumping over without touching obstacles. You may earn less coins at the end of the run, but completing the level should always be your goal. If it’s easier to completely bypass part of the landscape, you need to do that.

Land on either side of the finish block

You don’t have to land on top of the finish block. You can land anywhere in the finish block to finish the level. Blocks feel a little more magnetic than other landscapes. Therefore, the closer you are to the block, the more likely you are to be inhaled.

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Sticky Flip Strategy Guide – Stick to Everything With These Hints, Tips and Cheats

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