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If you see Christopher Nolan Tenet This year you may have left the theater thinking of two words: uh, what?

In that case, don’t worry! You are far from the only person thinking about it. The whole movie is a flip-flop time travel troll that we scratch our heads in half the time. I will explain the ending of Tenet, so you can finally think of a movie and live your life.


To delve into the ending of the movie, we first need to look at some details. Thanks to a technology called inversion, the past and the future collide. Basically, you can send both people and things in the past to manipulate events that have already happened.

There are many different time travel theories used in Time travel movie We all know and love.Time Travel Theory Tenet It is called the causal loop theory or the predestination paradox. This means that the current event has already happened and is already set or planned for the stone.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban This is a good example.Harry sees someone cast as Harry dodges the dementor Expected Patronum To drive away monsters that ducking the soul. He thinks it’s his dad, but in the future it turns out that Harry was the one who cast the spell.He guesses after going back in time to save Sirius Black he It was he who cast the charm, and he cast it because he had already done it.

Tenet plot

To TenetIt depends solely on the CIA agent, called the protagonist, and a small lagtag group that uses reversal technology to prevent unruly World War. Consider World War II, but have bigger and more scary weapons.

The only problem is that the bad guys also have reversal skills and really enjoy playing with them.Reversal technology allows both people and things Journey to the past.. It’s basically the cornerstone of the whole movie.

The protagonist (John David Washington) joins an organization called Tenet, which is made up of groups of people trying to save the world. Kenneth Branagh’s villain Andre Sator wants to destroy the world using reversal techniques through what’s called an algorithm because he’s dying, and everyone else wants to die too. I will.

The plot gets thicker

Satoru wants to die in the happy moments of the past and took a vacation in Vietnam with his wife, Cat, played by Elizabeth Debicki. He also plans to start the algorithm with a deadman switch and destroy life, as we know it. The cat of the future goes back in time to stop Satoru from taking his life.

Cat kills her husband after revealing to him that she will be the cat of the future. However, she may have killed him before the Tenet team deactivated the algorithm in Siberia.

In Siberia, on the other hand, Team Tenet needs to keep the algorithm away from the bomb so it doesn’t kill everyone. They managed to do that, prevent explosions, Save the world.. The plan is to split pieces of the algorithm between them, fill them in, and then commit suicide so that no one can find them.

Ending (finally) explanation

At the end of TenetThe protagonist realized that his handler, Neil (Robert Pattinson), was actually part of Tenet for years and they had been friends for a long time. how? Well, it turns out that the protagonist was actually the mastermind behind everything all the time! We also found that one version of Neil was dead on the ground and could be identified by a backpack.

The protagonist also recognizes that the backpack is the same one he saw in the first half of a movie owned by an unidentified man in the opera house that saved the protagonist’s life.This means that there is still a version of Neil. Running around somewhere that works for the Lord Fill the gap in the timeline.

— —

This concludes the explanation of Tenet. Are you still confused? To be honest, that’s okay, as we are.Please let us know what you think Tenet In the comments!

Still can’t get “Tenet”? Delve into the complex endings described here – Film Daily

https://filmdaily.co/news/tenet-ending-explained/ Still can’t get “Tenet”? Delve into the complex endings described here – Film Daily

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