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Stipe Miocic knows that major changes will need to be made to avenge his defeat to Francis Ngannou and regain his heavyweight title. As a result, the former UFC Heavyweight Champion will win £ 20 for a rematch.

There was a big difference in the size of the UFC 260, with Miocchi weighing 234 pounds and Ngannou weighing 263 pounds. Miocchi will make up for this by bulking up to £ 250 in the trilogy.

“I want to get my stuff back,” Miocchi, who lost to Ngannou in the second round of KO, told Pat McAfee in a recent episode of the Pat McAfee show (h / t MMA Fighting Farahanun). “It’s a bulky season. Eat as much as you can and get bigger and stronger. I’m trying to be like 250 (pounds). I made 230 last time not because I tried it, but because of training.

“I’m really going to stick to gaining a little weight, just gain a little more weight. I feel good, but I think 20 pounds will help. I’ll feel stronger, and He’s a big guy. There’s no question about it. “

Miocchi told Ngannou that he was “feeling good” but admitted that his carelessness in the second round led to a KO.

“I felt good,” said Miocchi. “I gave him the first round. I wasn’t worried. He usually gets stronger in the first round. I felt like he was spitting a little gas, but he still It was good and I thought “OK, I have 4 more rounds left” so I hit him with my right hand and hesitated to split-secondly he caught me on that hook. What do you do “

Ngannou’s heavyweight title’s first defense is expected to be against Jon Jones, but “Predator” is by Mioch. Tougher match.. Both men are now tied 1-1, Miocchi won the first fight with a unanimous decision, and Ngannou finished Miocchi in a rematch with a vicious left hook.

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Stipe Miocic: Earn £ 20 in Francis Ngannou’s Rematch Stipe Miocic: Earn £ 20 in Francis Ngannou’s Rematch

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