Stir up itching in tower defense with the Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC Elemental War TD

Have you ever been urged to play? Tower defenseHow to build, upgrade and stir the enemy waves? number? Maybe we’re the only ones, but there’s something familiar and satisfying, and Elemental WarTD definitely aims to meet that urge. Elemental War TD was released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PCs with PlayAnywhere features.

There is nothing revolutionary in Elemental War TD. This is exactly your trench-based tower defense, and enemies stick to the path you have made for them like a well-behaved villain. The towers are the Tesla coils and mortars you expect and you will upgrade them to protect your base. It’s not painfully original, but sometimes it’s exactly what you want.

The emphasis is very much on many of the same things, with more accents. Elemental War TD promises 65 different towers. This is a decent chunk (unless you brashly count upgrades to the tower), 107 enemy types, 7 scenarios, and 47 different item types (?), Including deadly poison bombs and Mithril chassis. If you look at the trailer, you’ll get all the abilities you’ve come to love in tower defense games, so here’s everything: an ice tower that slows down enemies, a huge melee tower for mortar attacks, and overwhelming distance. Mortar to do. It’s like the biggest hit in tower defense.

On the downside, it looks a bit shabby. Hopefully the gameplay and design is enough to supplement the tower and military renderings around 1999. That’s because its incredible beauty doesn’t seduce you. Check with a complete review.

It doesn’t seem to be multiplayer (it has a high score, it doesn’t count, but the PC version will you do It happens to have a multiplayer mode), there are many ways to play. There are 5 difficulty levels, 3 single player modes, and a level design editor. It’s pretty rare to get a tower defense level editor, so we’ll try out our work.

The features are:

  • 65 different towers from baristas to volcanoes
  • 3 single player modes: classic mode, survival mode, hero mode
  • 47 items from Mithril chassis to deadly poison bombs
  • 48 monster abilities from gold rush to invincible
  • 7 settings from the desert to the ice world
  • 107 different monsters, including 21 elementals
  • 20 quests of bonus items in hero mode

Elemental War TD released on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S £ £15.74 from the Xbox store.. It is also on the PC.

Game description:

Are you ready for the next level of tower defense game? Endless Single Player Game Fun 3 innovative game modes, 5 difficulty levels, 7 scenarios, countless maps, enemy types – single player provides everything you need for long-term game fun I will. Compete for rankings with friends and players in your city, your country, and around the world, and check out the best plays in the detailed rankings. Easy-to-use level editor Create and publish your own map with the included editor for anyone to play.

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Scratch your tower-defense itch with Elemental War TD on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC

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