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Stock Market Forecast: S & P 500 Difficult Battle

Stock Market Forecast: S & P 500 Difficult Battle

The S & P 500 bulls miss a good opportunity and the closure of the credit market does not add to the bullish sentiment. High-yield corporate bonds led the sale, and it was a day of strong debt risk-off. Small holiday days often do not end in bearishness. This highlights the challenges facing bulls. Yes, today’s overnight rise will probably be tested.

Indeed, the credit market was able to take the rest I was looking for today, not yesterday. Do stocks follow through enthusiastically? Even in the face of rising yields yesterday, value was at stake. All you need is sparks, and tomorrow’s CPI has the potential to do that. I’m looking for a reasonably hot number that will not show any further deceleration of the massaged person.Speak a number strong enough to move the Federal Reserve, and more importantly, strong enough to force the market to move the Federal Reserve-I asked yesterday if they have it or not:

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(…) Creeping concerns about federal policy mistakes to make inflation a bigger problem than ever? It’s not that it’s not set to be one-even the lazy and slow PCE deflator recorded a jump that wasn’t seen in decades.

The outlook is that wholesale prices in Germany have exceeded 13% year-on-year. Growing suspicion will be seen in pressure on the US dollar – the dollar appears to be set to fall next. It has not failed, but it is gradually declining. This shows that in the past week, we haven’t been able to power up with higher yields. Whatever chart pattern it is in, the dynamics of inflation expectations can catch up, as real interest rates struggle to catch up. And it benefits this attrition warfare, this waiting game with precious metals.

In the meantime, the commodities do not hesitate and the oil depletion during the shallow daytime is quickly bought up. Faced with a slowdown in the real economy, even copper is awakening after a long sleep. In addition, Bitcoin is about 15% off the highest ever. What else would you like to add?

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S & P500 and Nasdaq outlook

Stock Market Forecast: S & P 500 Difficult Battle

The S & P 500 turned around with a solid volume, but it’s not noticeable. But it’s enough to leave the bear with a medium-term advantage.

Credit market

Stock Market Forecast: S & P 500 Difficult Battle

HYG continues to plummet towards the end of the session, and this week’s credit market valuation is not positive.

Gold, silver, miners

Stock Market Forecast: S & P 500 Difficult Battle

Precious metals did not signal a bullish yesterday, but fireworks are expected tomorrow. All that is needed is a few Fed speakers that underestimate inflation development.

crude oil

Stock Market Forecast: S & P 500 Difficult Battle

Crude oil has receded from $ 82, but remains above $ 80. Its trading scope is likely to remain fairly narrow, and lateral integration (in-time integration) is not surprising.



The fact that copper has finally come to life is a good sign for precious metals. This is a promising sign of daily outperformance.

Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin Rising while Ethereum is paused – daily indicators are vulnerable to integration, but overall, the least resistant path is still up..


Stock market rebounds will probably lose momentum and consolidate before the next major move. The bear may not be over yet. As I often say, it’s usually the bond market that’s right, and stocks can often catch up on the wrong side. It’s seasonal now, but the focus is on the Fed’s brinkmanship of inflation. I see this as government bonds moving without waiting for the Fed’s blessing. Real assets and crypto are in a position to benefit as inflation expectations continue to rise.


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Stock Market Forecast: S & P 500 Difficult Battle Stock Market Forecast: S & P 500 Difficult Battle

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