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Stocks fall globally during US presidential change

It is a well-known fact that events in the United States affect global markets. In short, the United States is often one of the main drivers behind financial markets everywhere. That fact is well known to investors, so it’s no wonder that big events such as the inauguration of the new president cause some confusion.Covid’s worries and questions about Future stimulus It seems to be the most important factor behind the moving market. As a result, the US domestic market has recorded a downturn, and so do its neighbors in Europe and Asia.

For example, until recently the record-breaking Dow fell 238 points, an equivalent of 0.8%. The S & P 500 Index moved in much the same way, dropping 26.75 points. This is 0.7% of the total value. The Nasdaq-100 was the “winner” of the three major indexes in that it had the least decline, at 82.25 points (0.6%). As a result, Friday was a very stressful time for many investors to see the value of their portfolio lost.

As already mentioned earlier in the article, the global market is following a similar trend. In short, major indexes in both Europe and Asia recorded a sharper decline than the United States. Both the Hang Seng Index and China’s CSI300 have fallen by more than 1%. This is a significant drop per day for index funds. As for European stocks, they lay somewhere between their two neighbors. The STOXX 600 Europe, the best indicator of Europe’s performance, showed a 0.9% drop in its value.

More Covid-19 concerns seem to be pushing the market down. The emergence of new strains is a constant danger and can invalidate vaccine development. In addition, the US stimulus that President Joe Biden is trying to promote is rumored to encounter resistance among Republicans. Some Covid concerns in Asia can also pose a problem for global production.

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Stocks fall globally during US presidential change Stocks fall globally during US presidential change

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