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DeLight: The Journey Home sounds interesting. This is a story-driven adventure game featuring blind characters whose disability is the central focus of both story and gameplay.

Set in a devastated city, play as a blind girl named Sammy, separated from her parents. Use Sammy’s imagination to explore the city, avoid the dangerous and dangerous soldiers trying to reconnect Sammy with his parents, and take advantage of the help and comfort of the lost guide dog Deli.

The wartime nature of the city of Delight poses several problems for Sammy, including dealing with dangerous areas, avoiding dangerous soldiers, and deciding who is safe and reliable. There are many events that help or prevent Sammy from achieving her goal of reuniting with her parents, and these areas need to be carefully navigated and the dangers addressed.

This is a story that focuses on the lives of civilians and the challenges they face during the war, and many of these assumptions sound very similar to the same effects this War of Mine gave to players. I will. Some of these encounters require the help of Sammy and Deli, but others may pose a threat to them. You will have to make tough choices that will have lasting consequences for Sammy’s story and the lives of the people she meets.

DeLight: The Journey Home was developed by Dream Tree Games, a three-member Malaysian team that previously created their debut title Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek in 2017.

You can pre-register for DeLight: The Journey Home on the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android.

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