Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin demo is corrupted and cannot be played

The Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins PlayStation 5 demo is currently corrupted and Square Enix has confirmed that it does not work.

Chaos won an early victory over the Warriors of Light as a demo. Strangers of Paradise FINAL FANTASY Origin PlayStation 5 is currently damaged and cannot be played. A stranger in paradise Future plans Final Fantasy Action RPG, Gameplay reminiscent of Dark soul series..

The presence of Game called Origin of FINAL FANTASY Leaked Last month, a leak official claimed that Team Ninja was co-developing. Dead or alive fame. The game was officially announced at the Square Enix Presents Summer Showcase at E32021. Paradise Final Fantasy Origin stranger. The first trailer showed a much darker and more violent game than the other trailers Final Fantasy game.Probably A stranger in paradise Set in the same world as the first Final Fantasy game.

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The· A stranger in paradise Announcement A demo dedicated to PS5 has been released. Trial version..The· Trial version It became available for download immediately after the presentation, but I couldn’t actually play it.Launch A stranger in paradise The program on the PS5 home screen will display a message that the game is corrupted and will not start. Square Enix Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Twitter page. The company is trying to solve this problem, but it doesn’t provide an ETA about when it can be updated and made to work.

It is unclear if these technical issues will extend the time-limited availability of the demo.The· Trial version It will be active from June 13th to 24th, and the game survey will be available from June 13th to 30th.If the problem takes several days Trial version To resolve, Square Enix may extend its availability.Square Enix is ​​not the first time Had to extend timed trading Because of the last minute delay.

A stranger in paradise It looks like a promising game, but it’s not off to a great start. The self-proclaimed “Warrior of Light” may decide to clear the chaos, but they seem unable to counter some computer glitches. This delay may be due to a PlayStation Store issue rather than a Square Enix issue. In any case, future fans seem to have to wait for a while to fight the turmoil for themselves.

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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin It will be released for PC and PS4. PS5, Xbox One, and 2022 Xbox Series X / S. Trial version The demo is currently available for download on PS5.

Source: Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin / Twitter

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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin demo is corrupted and cannot be played

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