Streamer finds a very rare Pokemon and freaks out

Sometimes it’s great to have a healthy moment that reminds us that there is still a lighthouse of light in this cruel world, with everything burning and endless. I think it’s this clip of Twitch Streamer AjentVee Being super excited to find a rare Pokemon fits the bill. Let’s see.

How nice!


Wait … don’t you know?Is not Pokemon fan?

Well, I’m sorry, it’s wild, so let it break down for you.

Ajent Vee tracked “shiny” sinistairs last month or so Pokemon Sword and Shield As part of her overall goal of capturing the entire Pokédex of these elusive or colored Pokemon. But that’s not all. She also wanted her sinister to be “real”. In short, it’s one of the few carefully selected members of its kind with a rare mark on the bottom of the teacup.

This means that every time Ajent Vee encounters Sinistea, it can be both “shiny” and “real” once in every 500,000 times.Along Her own quoteI think she got lucky because it was only 4,000 trials. Not only that, Sinistair, which turned out to be genuine, was the first luster she encountered that day, only 11 minutes of her stream at that time.

Oh, and Ajent Vee was able to determine on the inventory screen that it was genuine, as only genuine Sinis tea evolved with Chipped Pot items. Therefore, “Compatibility” is displayed under Pokemon on the left side of the screen. Fake varieties use cracked pots instead. And by evolving this shiny, real sinister, she too will have a shiny, real portiagest. Two birds with one stone!

I couldn’t help laughing when I saw AjentVee celebrating her discovery. I hope the same goes for the weekend.

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