Streamer said “Mario” 350,000 times in the last few days

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If you want to hear a word that repeats over and over and it doesn’t make sense (satiation, real), enjoy the flow of a man who decides to say the word “Mario”. 500,000 times..

This is a Canadian streamer NikuroLast week, I set a goal to say “Mario” every time someone posted to my channel. If they contributed a bit, he would say it once. For $ 1 he would say it 100 times. For each sub of his channel, he would have to say it 250 times.

At the time of posting, the shit was completely out of control and his tally must say that he is currently sitting at 557,000. After a cumulative 119 hours of streaming (don’t worry, he’s sleeping in the meantime), he said “Mario” 345,000 times.

You need to say it 10 times in a row to see how it sounds.After saying that, imagine how it sounds 557,000 times..

It’s not that’s all The word he can say is probably to keep him from getting angry, but he keeps on doing some “Marios” just to keep his goals, even in the middle of a conversation, adjusting at any time. You need to bust out from out of reach.

You can Check the stream here if neededHowever, if you just want to see how everything works, use the following snippet:

Thank you Gamer!!

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