Streamers may run into copyright issues during the broadcast of Fortnite’s Galactus event

Twitch streamers hoping to ride the excitement of Fortnite today may be rudely awakening. Epic Games states that there is no way to prevent clips from today’s Galactus events from being flagged by Twitch’s copyright detection system.

“For Twitch creators streaming Galactus events: We can’t prevent the platform’s copyright detection system from flagging VOD / clip content because we don’t have a solution similar to Lickd,” Epic Games tweeted. reading. “A general recommendation is to mute VoD or turn off VOD / clips altogether to protect yourself as much as possible from all sorts of complaints and strikes.”

This year, copyright claims have become a major issue for Twitch streamers. Streamers have received many DMCA notices to play music recorded in the background of the stream and have been forced to manually remove old clips that could infringe copyright. I will. Last month, Twitch apologized for the inadequate response to this issue.

The Galactus event at Fortnite was so exciting that streamers were naturally angry with the news. I don’t know which song it is, but it also means that I was able to see the licensed music during the event. Hypex, a prominent Fortnite leaker, said copyright issues should only arise from a small part of the event.

“Interesting facts about streamers: It’s clear that you’ll notice that the whole event isn’t copyrighted music, but a 20-30 second part,” they say. Tweet.. “Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a hotkey to mute the game audio in OBS!”

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