Street Fighter 6, Dragon’s Dogma 2, Power Stone named after Capcom Leak

This is the hell of how to know about the sequel to Dragon’s Dogma (Photo: Capcom)

Capcom’s data breach was only exacerbated by the announcement of the company’s release schedule for the next few years.

A lot of information earlier this week As a result of a serious information leak, information about the Capcom project was leaked online.

More games were shared online, including Capcom’s next four-year release schedule, revealing a number of unreleased games.

I already knew some of the games on the list, such as Resident Evil 4 remakes and Street Fighter 6, but about remakes of classic Capcom IPs such as Final Fight and Powerstone (also known as the best game ever). Also mentions.

In addition, there is a reference to the sequel to the 2012 action role-playing game Dragon’s Dogma. This was suspected following last year’s re-release on Nintendo Switch and was recently adapted to Netflix.

However, keep in mind that this schedule can be very old, the plan may have changed, and some of these projects may have already been cancelled.

This information does not explicitly mention the new Ace Attorney collection, which was part of the first leak, and the new IP, Pragamata, officially announced for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S in 2022.

However, according to , sources close to Capcom say that most of the games listed, including Dragon’s Dogma 2, are actually real.

The ransomware attack that led to the acquisition of this information is also believed to have compromised personal information, including details of current and former Capcom employees.

The criminal organization Ragnar was responsible for the attack and initially demanded a ransom in exchange for the compromised information. A request that seems to have been denied by Capcom.

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Street Fighter 6, Dragon’s Dogma 2, and Power Stone named in massive Capcom leak

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