Street of Rogue Wins Character Pack DLC on Switch

The roguelike game Streets of Rogue appeared on Switch last July. The team later created a new character pack, and DLC finally arrived on Switch.

The character pack contains 6 new playable characters with unique abilities and big quests.

Here’s some additional information about DLC and trailers:

The Streets of Rogue Character Pack adds six new playable characters, each with its own new abilities and big quests.

• Mecha Pilot: Control your own mini mecha and slaughter all the creeps in the city in Robocop style!
• Courier: Strap on a pair of roller skates to speed up the city and deliver your luggage.
• Aliens: Use your mind control abilities to get city dwellers to do bad things!
• Goon: Do your job! Protect your building from intruders and earn the Super Goon rank!
• Bouncer: Become a bodyguard and keep semi-famous musicians safe and healthy!
• Demolitionist: Build a large number of remote explosive bombs and plant them all over the city, causing havoc!

All characters are unlocked from the beginning! The new character’s traits and abilities can also be used for custom-made characters!

The price of the new DLC is set at $ 6.99.

Source: tinyBuild PR

Streets of Rogue gains Character Pack DLC on Switch

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