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Strengthen operational resilience | DC speed

For many companies across the omni-channel retail sector, the 2020 event puts an unexpected burden on distribution and fulfillment (D & F) operations. Not only did they need to adapt quickly to the unexpected increase in e-commerce adoption, but they also needed to implement new workplace safety measures.

If you learn something in 2020, D & F companies will have everything available to prepare for a new era of omnichannel fulfillment by increasing employee safety and peak productivity levels. You need to take advantage of tools, technologies, and fulfillment strategies. The latest On The Move publication aims to help address these challenges and enhance operational resiliency.

  • Upgrade the core of DC fulfillment operations by integrating automated storage and retrieval systems (AS / RS), robotics, and software.
  • Protect people and places by adopting an overall operational and facility strategy.
  • Leverage labor management software (LMS) to build a culture of safety and productivity.
  • Gain competitiveness with rapidly evolving robots and automation technology.


Strengthen operational resilience | DC speed Strengthen operational resilience | DC speed

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