Strengthening crypto crackdowns in China could improve GPU shortages

Major contributor to Miserable state One of the current GPU markets is the ongoing cryptocurrency boom.apart from Transfer from manufacturer To make their graphics cards unattractive to miners Best graphics card Available (or not available in some cases) is still finding a way to a mining farm rather than a gaming PC. However, recent developments in cryptocurrency crackdowns in China could provide some relief to the significantly bloated video card market.

As reported in Financial Times, The Chinese government agency and the People’s Bank of China are currently banning all cryptocurrency exchanges.Previously, the country banned only domestic activities, so traders moved to overseas platforms and China’s used GPU market Overflowing with RTX 3000 GPU It is often listed below the suggested retail price. Changes to this law are considered a means of closing this loophole.

According to analysis provider Chainalysis, the total amount of cryptocurrency wallets managed by Chinese users is estimated to be about US $ 150 million, which is “second only to the United States”. In response to the news, the price of Bitcoin also fell by about 8%.

There is no way to know exactly what the knock-on effect of this law will be, but if it has the same effect as the domestic-only ban emphasized earlier, more GPUs could be flooded from mining farms in both China and the world. There is a second-hand market. This is expected to lower prices as the market saturates, but due to the widespread use of the mining industry, price conditions need to be watched.

No matter what the market looks like today, there’s a lot of excitement in the near future when it comes to our favorite polygon push components. Intel has recently confirmed partnerships with Asus and other OEMs. Alchemist launch And Nvidia is rumored to be refreshing RTX 3000 A lineup of “super” variations.But if you fight for Team Red, then the news AMD RX6600 You may be interested in it instead.

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