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Pit Penalty Bit A week after Daniel Suarez’s strong results in Atlanta, he was able to make a big difference in Bristol.

Suarez crossed the line in 4th place and Trackhouse Racing became the first Top 5 in the 7th race.

Despite being a dirt track, Suarez not only adapted very well, but also led 58 laps in the race on Monday. It wasn’t the first NASCAR Cup Series victory for him and Truckhouse, but it certainly felt sweet.

“Honestly, I didn’t know what I was doing, but we’re having fun,” Suarez said. “Everyone in Trackhouse Racing has done a great job. It’s been two weeks in a row with a very fast race car that can run in the top five and top ten. I can’t be proud anymore. . “

Stage 2 was when a veteran of the series made a loud noise when he took the race lead on lap 134. Suarez passed the track series winner Martin Truex Jr. and began to take a considerable lead.

Sure, it wasn’t during the green flag pit stops like most of the races he led, but it reminded people of the following thoughts:

This new cup team, led by Justin Marks and the Pitbull, is here to play.

Suarez lost the lead to final race winner Joey Logano on lap 193, a front-line explosion. This is even more so in this situation, as Suarez had no dirt racing experience until this week.

“It was a challenge. Probably the last five days ago, it was my first time riding a dirt car. It was a lot of fun,” Suarez said.

“I really enjoy it very much. Throughout the weekend I also enjoy it very much,” Suarez continued. “Overall, we felt very intimate. It always brings a smile to my face. But it wasn’t close enough, so we have to keep working. . “

He is also pleased to see NASCAR and the Bristol Motor Speedway run on the soil again in 2022.

“Now we are excited to come back with another shot to compete for a dirt victory in Bristol next year,” Suarez said of the announcement.

One of the main reasons Suarez retreated after losing his lead to Logano was the condition of the truck. He even spoke to third-place finisher Denny Hamlin after the race.

This caused his No. 99 Camping World Chevrolet Camaro ZL11LE to be out of balance.

“They did a lot to the racetrack, some cars it came to them, some others they were a little out of balance. Unfortunately, I’m a little out of balance Was one of them, “Suarez commented.

“For some reason, my rear grips weren’t the same. Before that, I felt my car could challenge the race lead. I feel like the plan came to my mind.

“For some reason I lost that grip in the last 50 laps. I couldn’t do much about it. I went from 1st or 2nd to 5th to 4th. That’s exactly what I am. We’re done. It’s the learning curve. “

Dirt race aside, Suarez’s fourth-place outing was the first top five since Texas, which finished third in November 2019.

With Martinsville starting in two weeks, Suarez is confident that performance will continue to grow.

“I’m convinced that this team is very good and we’re getting better and better. I’m very excited and happy to be back in the race with these guys.” Said Suarez of his race team.

“I feel Martinsville has been a good place for me in the past. As I said, I’m really looking forward to it. After a few days off, then back in my group, work hard, Martinsville I try to make good works for. I’m sure we have a lot of fun there. “

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Suarez Brings Bristol’s First Top 5 to Trackhouse – Motorsport Tribune Suarez Brings Bristol’s First Top 5 to Trackhouse – Motorsport Tribune

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