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Over the years, the AMA Group has expanded Australia’s heavy motor (truck and bus) repair network and is made up of top heavy vehicle repair companies in the heavy motor sector.

Due to COVID related restrictions, the company has recently changed the way it does business. Darren Wales, Executive General Manager of the Heavy Motors Division of the AMA Group, argues that the change is one constant that can be trusted to facilitate if accepted favorably. Business growth and success.

“Change is the only way we can improve ourselves and our environment,” he says. “Change distinguishes between those who do not want to accept it and those who accept it.”

Darren has played a variety of roles at the senior management level in the truck repair industry for over 30 years, but once in his professional career he encountered as many obstacles as these very difficult times. I emphasize that there is no such thing.

Nonetheless, he said his team of devoted staff embraced the challenges at hand and, very frankly, overcame them with the willingness to change and adapt what he noticed astonishingly. Insist.

Frame and chassis adjustments are in progress.

“The more we join the AMA group, the more we realize that there is a great team around us,” he says. “The growth of the Heavy Motors division is a commitment of management and the board of directors to ensure that we serve the interests of our trusted clients and supply partners now and in the future.”

According to Darren, the company has recently made some great appointments, including new board members and senior management team executives who bring the group a wealth of knowledge. With a focus on governance and excellent service delivery, he says the new team is very excited about what the future holds.

According to Darren, the AMA Group’s heavy motor division is currently a prominent leader in the heavy vehicle accident repair division, with nine dedicated repair facilities nationwide to meet customer needs.

“The acquisition has focused on large, well-equipped companies to ensure that their expertise, knowledge and correct repair procedures are strictly adhered to when repairing client trading tools,” says Darren.

The staff will discuss the maintenance schedule.

“Make sure that safety standards, repair quality, timely repairs, and advanced driver assistance system requirements are all met when performing work of varying scales, from large collisions and rollovers to small collisions and abrasions. is needed.”

Darren adds that the AMA Group has strong relationships with all major insurers. This means you can quickly evaluate, estimate, and complete repair work on a variety of vehicles, including trucks, trailers, and buses. And get them back on the road as soon as possible.

“We look forward to seeing how the next chapter of the AMA Group unfolds,” he says.

Darren Wales.

Subject to change-PrimeMover Magazine Subject to change-PrimeMover Magazine

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