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Scottsdale, Arizona – Oklahoma freshman Madison Hinson Torchard emerges from the Grayhawk Golf Club’s Phils Grill with an Oreo milkshake. Even if there are days to celebrate, it certainly qualifies to reach the final of the NCAA Women’s Championship for the first time in school history. But the truth is, she did a milkshake every day here in the desert, and why not?

Life is sweet

“If I told me six months ago, I would have been here. This is great,” Hinson-Tolchard said.

Six months ago, Hinson-Tolchard was at home in Perth, Australia, trying to bring his visa to the United States. The COVID-19 pandemic closed all embassies and Hinson-Tolchard missed the fall season.

The two teams that made their first match play this week, OSU and Ole Miss, will be squared on Wednesday to get a chance to win the school’s first NCAA title. In fact, no women’s sports team has won the NCAA crown at OSU. Men have 52 titles.

Two weeks ago, Hinson-Tolchard wasn’t part of the Cowgirls lineup. Statistically speaking, she was in direct conflict with Han Suan Yu. OSU head coach Greg Robertson said it was effectively the coin toss that decided who would go to the NCAA Regional. He nodded to Yu and told Hinson-Tolchard that she would go instead. This spring was the first time alternatives were played throughout the Division I women’s golf postseason (in 2019, substitutions were only allowed when match play began, but 8 I didn’t use any of the teams).

“That was never negative to me,” said Hinson-Tolchard, the sixth player in Oklahoma.

Madison Hinson-Torchard (Oklahoma State Athletics)

After Han-Hsuan Yu opened regional 81, Robertson decided to switch the situation and give Hinson-Tolchard a chance for the next two rounds.

“When the coach said,’Hey, do you think you can make a birdie here?’ Of course I could,” Hinson Tolchard said.

She responded 74-71, helping OSU finish in 3rd place and advance to Greyhawk.

Everyone on the OSU team is onsite this week – all 11 players. Five people who are not included in the official lineup support cowgirls in their own way. Hinson-Tolchard said he would hear a lot of interesting things from his teammates when he left the green. They help keep it light.

“I think people put this in the sixth player,” Hinson-Tolchard said. But you’re the sixth player, and you’re there and play a huge role in keeping everyone’s spirit high. “

Meanwhile, on the Oremis side, freshman Smirason Derby was the sixth player this week, but knew she could be asked to play due to an injury to Ellen Hume’s biceps. Son Derby entered after Hume opened at 85 in Greyhawk. She played college golf for a total of six stroke play rounds before receiving the call. (Sonderby also came to school in January after having a visa problem.)

Sonderby’s best round coming this week was 74, but she shot 74-74-72 in the last three rounds of stroke play to help Olemis move forward. She won the quarter-final match on Tuesday in the 21st hole and then defeated Arizona’s Yu-Sang Hou 2-1 in the semi-finals.

“One of the things I really love about her is that she never gives up,” said Ole Miss coach Kory Henkes.

To fight her nerves, Sonderby sings a lullaby to herself, with her mother’s voice ringing in her ears.

“In my mind, as you know,” she said.

She also speaks out her routine before each shot.

This is my line. This is my stance. This is my spot. I want to hit it when I look up, but I went and hit it now.

She is also known to count in 7 seconds (7, 14, 21) from reaching 1,001 to starting over.

“Just to get rid of all the anxiety,” she said, sipping a third milkshake of the day.

Being a submarine has never been so sweet.

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Submarine led Oklahoma’s Oremis to the final

https:///2021/05/25/ncaa-womens-championship-ole-miss-oklahoma-state-substitution/ Submarine led Oklahoma’s Oremis to the final

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