Substitutional Reality WW2 strategy game Warpass is now available for Android

AFK Arena developer Lilith Games today released an open beta version of the alternative reality World War II strategy game Warpath. The game sees you build an army to defeat the evil and brainwashed Raven faction.

Collect realistic aerial and ground units to team up with other players in large-scale battles on a dynamically changing world map. New technologies also need to be researched to complete the strategy and upgrade the unit.

You can directly control the deployed units or bring them to the forefront with the AI ​​in the game. Team up with other players in your alliance to increase your chances of winning and earn even more rewards.

Players who have the game can participate in the Attack Raven event. It lasts from today to November 17th, working with other commanders to fight, reach goals and earn great rewards.

Beta will continue until next year, so it will take some time to understand this experience before the full game is released in 2021. Click here to download Warpath Beta for free from the Google Play Store.

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Alternate Reality WW2 Strategy Game Warpath Available on Android Now

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