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“Your health and wellness are the foundation of success!”

Xiaochen Liu was an international student with both a master’s degree (2016) and a PhD. From UConn in Cognition, Instruction, and Learning Technology (2020). “Like all the graduate students who experienced the Covid-19 pandemic at its peak, the job freeze was painful. To make matters worse, finding a sponsored job as an international student (ie, getting an H or J visa). Supporting) was almost impossible. I believe Communication and connectivity can be the most important way to overcome this obstacle.. Finally, Xiaochen secures its position as a faculty development specialist at the Center for Education and Learning Excellence at the University of Connecticut, providing remote support to faculty, students and staff at Tsinghua University’s Schwarzmann University (China). increase.

Xiaochen asked for help and provided a message about taking care of himself. This is very important for UConn international students. For many, learning to seek help is often a challenge. And knowing when to stop and take time to care for your physical and mental health is often overlooked.

“Don’t be afraid to communicate with colleagues and trusted mentors / advisors / supervisors you work with. Depression and stress by not only finding opportunities but also seeking advice on study, work and life. You can overcome many moments. “

When asked about job hunting advice for international students, Xiaochen made four suggestions.

  • “First, always plan. If you want to find a job in 2022, start preparing application packages (resumes, resumes, sample creation, letters of interest) a year ago, in particular. I recommend it. I made a draft of the application materials in the doctoral course. It was very helpful when I got a job two years later in the comprehensive examination.
  • Next, build a connection. Seek advice from an advisor, course instructor, or a trusted colleague.
  • Third, use social media such as ResearchGate, LinkedIn, and Twitter wisely. If you subscribe to the mailing list, the job hunting channel will also help. If you subscribe to a field of interest, you may see posts for recruitment jobs that suit your skills.
  • Finally, and most importantly, take care of yourself – your health and health are the basis of any success. “

UConn offers a variety of resources and services to assist international students. Xiaochen used:

  • Career Development Center to help prepare her resume, cover letter and interview
  • Writing Center for Writing Courses and Resources
  • International Teaching Assistant Services for Language Courses and Teaching Assistant Preparation
  • Graduate student mailing list for potential employment opportunities

Many of the approaches offered by Xiaochen worked in their situation. Xiaochen actively sought resources and services that would ultimately help prepare her career. For more information on career preparation for international students, please visit: Career Development Center Affinity Page..

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Desire Martino
Career coach Desire Martino

Success Story – Xiaochen Liu – UConn Center for Career Development Success Story – Xiaochen Liu – UConn Center for Career Development

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