Sugar Horror-Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Wiki Guide

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Sugar horror Is a limited-time event that can be played during Operation Steelwave of Rainbow Six Siege from October 27, 2020 to November 10, 2020. Sugar horror We’re adding new cosmetic items and a new limited-time game mode called “Sweet Hunt”. In this mode, a new map called “Neighborhood” will pit two teams of players in a nightmare deathmatch.

Sweet hunt rule

Sweet hunt Rainbow Six: Transforms Siege’s experience completely into something similar to the formulas of other popular online shooters. Players choose from five available operators-all rethought with a new doll look, with three assault rifles and two pistols, and a choice of flags and flash bang grenades.

Rainbow Six: Unlike other modes offered by Siege, “Sweet Hunt” allows players to respawn indefinitely, greatly increasing the pace of action. The goal of this game is to achieve 50 candy treats together for your team. It will be dropped after the enemy has been defeated.

However, the enemy’s goal is the same, and the killed friendly player will drop the cupcake as well. Cupcakes must be secured so that the opposing team cannot earn their points. This is a formula that many shooters already know, but it can be a little tricky to get used to when incorporated into the Rainbow Six Siege mechanics.

The weapons that can be used in this mode are:

  • R4-C assault rifle
  • AK-12 assault rifle
  • C7E assault rifle
  • PRB92 pistol
  • .44 Mag Semi Auto Pistol
  • Flag grenade
  • Flash van

Despite the choice of operators like IQ and Thermite (each operator is limited to these same weapons), their special abilities are disabled. The only difference between operators is speed and armor. Therefore, choose an operator that matches your preferred combat style.

Neighborhood (dedicated map)

Sugar Fright The maps you can play at the event are completely new to Rainbow Six: Siege. It features a more conventional 3-lane outdoor design that is nearly symmetrical on both sides. There are no teams of attackers or defenders here. It’s just a straight brawl with endless respawns. The central lane is wide open, with a clear line of sight on the other side of the map, and the structure of the large central island provides additional cover.


In the left and right lanes, there are several buildings with open doors and windows. Take advantage of the ladder hidden around the sides to reach a high vantage point. On both sides of the map are three-story tower locations to help players with long-range scopes. Use the flag grenade to clear these positions.

Watch out for spawn campers. Players will always respawn on the base upstairs, and enemies can easily position to the left or right of the spawn to easily win kills. Respawn players are spawn resistant for a few seconds, so if you suspect a spawn camper, use this to find a suitable cover.

Sugar horror collection

The Sweet Fright event offers 32 items and includes special packs. Seasonal weapon skins and charms are also available.

Operators in the new game mode will automatically be equipped with new headgear, uniforms, and weapon skins, but these items can also be purchased individually using the 1680 R6 Credits or unlocked from the “”. You can also.Sugar horror A “pack” of 300R6 Credits or 12,500 Renown. You can also win packs by completing various challenges during the event.


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