Suicide Squad director James Gunn takes almost every shot of the storyboard

James Gunn, director of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Suicide Squad, revealed that he shot almost every scene and shot it from the storyboard.

Director Suicide squad, James Gunn states that he shoots almost every scene from the storyboard of a feature film.Of the acclaimed director Follow-up / restart until 2016 Suicide squad Released earlier this summer, it was a disappointing box office record, but it was well received by fans and critics.But the movie spawned a spin-off named the HBO Max series. Peace maker This is again written and supervised by Gunn. The eight-episode series will debut in January 2022, following the character of the DC movie John Cena.

Gunn first made a name for himself by directing a 2006 horror comedy film. Slyther, Over the years, I’ve slowly acquired cults. After entering the MCU with a big hit in 2014, he became a popular name in Hollywood Guardian of the galaxy. He continued to oversee the sequel Galaxy Guardian Vol. 2 Before being released to Disney in 2018, some old tweets that gave Warner Bros. a chance resurfaced To take over him Suicide squad. Gunn was then rehired by Disney to lead two upcoming MCU projects. Guardian of Galaxy Holiday Special When Galaxy Guardian Vol. 3 It will be available in December 2022 and May 2023, respectively.

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Recently on Twitter gun He answered some questions from fans about his process of making a movie, and one outstanding answer was related to his storyboarding procedure.He said he would shootAll shots“From his storyboard”Except in rare cases.“He also revealed that there was no fixed number of shots he drew and stated that.”Some scenes are long and some are short. A shot can last very long, or a short scene can quickly cut dozens of shots.“”

Gunn is well known for being a director Create your own storyboard and leave a prompt for production designers, costume designers, stunt teams and more. Gunn has worked on several high-budget films at this point, including his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which includes an incredibly VFX-rich sequence, so Gunn has his artwork and visual clues. It makes sense to need a lot of references in the form of a storyboard that gives the final result he first envisioned.Gunn also shared a set of storyboards Galaxy Guardian Vol. 3 Not long ago, while doing so, he hinted that:Designing a movie like this is the most important part of my work at the moment.“This is true to his statement above.

Storyboards don’t necessarily have to look detailed and incredible, but they’re still one of the most important steps in the pre-production pipeline when making a movie. The fact that cancer takes care The fact that all such important stages are himself is evidence of his attention to detail in every aspect of his film. Fans and ambitious storytellers look forward to his upcoming projects as long as Gunn remains one of the more active filmmakers on the social media platform and continues to share his valuable insights and knowledge. Apart from that, you should benefit from him.

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Suicide Squad director James Gunn takes almost every shot of the storyboard

https://screenrant.com/james-gunn-movies-storyboards-scenes-response/ Suicide Squad director James Gunn takes almost every shot of the storyboard

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