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Avatar: Last Airbender It has a pretty enthusiastic fan base, Dark horse We are preparing to release a new comic that fans can enjoy.Most stories of the universe The last airbender They tend to focus on other vendors like Team Avatar and Kyo, and new comics break the mold a bit by following non-vendors.

Only love Followed by an incredible fighter named Suki, a Kyo warrior! Suki is a popular character for fans, and you can fight your own battle.The tale of Only love Indicates that Suki had to endure in Boiling Rock Prison during the third season of the anime series.

Even the Kyo warrior may be in trouble, but he never gives up.

Suki is captured in the land of fire and taken to Boiling Rock, a harsh prison in the middle of a dormant volcano. Apart from Team Avatar and her Kyoshi Warrior sisters, she decided to build her own community among other prisoners. But building trust among so many frightened people will require more than just words of encouragement. Suki needs to utilize all her resources to do that, and even that may not be enough.

The team behind Only love Including Face Erin Hicks And Peter Wartman, Color list Adele Matera, And the letterer ComiCraft. in addition, Tim Hedrick The person involved in the anime series will be the consultant.Fans can pre-order a copy of the graphic novel from Burns & Noble, Indie bound, Or a local comic shop. Only love It will be released on June 22, 2021.

SUKI ALONE tells the story of skiing on a boiling rock — Geek Tyrant

https://geektyrant.com/news/suki-alone-will-tell-the-tale-of-suki-at-the-boiling-rock SUKI ALONE tells the story of skiing on a boiling rock — Geek Tyrant

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