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Shudder has released the first trailer for the new Murder Mystery Horror Thriller Séance.. The story is set in a girls’ boarding school where a young woman recently died.Movie star Suki Waterhouse (((Assassination Nation, Divergent Series: Rebels), I move to a dormitory room where ghosts are said to appear, and try to understand what happened.

The outline is as follows.

Camille Meadows is the new girl of the famous Edelvine Academy for Girls. Shortly after her arrival, six girls invited her to a midnight ritual, evoking the spirit of a dead ex-student who was allegedly haunted in their halls. But before the morning, one of the girls was dead and the other girl was wondering what they awakened.

Movie also starring Madisen Beaty (((Once upon a time … in Hollywood, Benjamin Button’s bizarre incident), Ella Ray Smith (((Fast & Furious Gifts for Badlands: Hobbes & Show), Inanna Sarkis (((Boo 2!Madea Halloween)., Sheamus Patterson (((Channel zero)and Marina Stephenson Car (((Channel zero).

Simon Barrett (((You are next, Customer) Write a script and make his functional director debut in the movie. He talked about his inspiration behind the film:

The best horror movies are essentially a mystery. There is always an unknown or unknown element in the center of the story, and the characters provide the audience with tools to scrape their surface, ideally afraid of what is below.

Many classic horror films accept this directly. Original Black Christmas, Sorority Row and Scream House, or beloved Giallo-like slashers such as Deep Red, Tarantula Blackberry, Blood and Black Lace, traditional murder mystery, stringing them in horror. Provides variations of. In addition, these films were contemporary and relevant, providing the audience with a catharsis of cultural unrest at the time.

I’ve long wanted to create a unique variation of this horror mystery story, but since ghost stories also tend to be murder mysteries, I have the additional goal of incorporating supernatural elements. This thought process led me to write Seance. I hope this gives an effective homage to my youth teenage slasher mystery and at the same time is unique in itself.

Horror films are often sensitive to the waves of fadish sub-genres that I have contributed without embarrassment, so I’m often asked what I expect to see in the next trend in horror. I think trends come about when creators provide horror viewers with what they always want. It’s a really surprising, anxious, fun, original and relevant movie. My goal at Seance is to create a horror film that includes elements of comedy, romance, conspiracy and action. It hopes viewers will want to watch it again, just like inspiring movies.

This could be a solid horror movie and looks like a fan of Customer And You are nextI’m looking forward to seeing it! The film will be released in on-demand and digital theaters on May 21, 2021.

Suki Waterhouse’s Murder Mystery Horror Movie Trailer “Surprise” Séance from the Writer — GeekTyrant

https://geektyrant.com/news/trailer-for-suki-waterhouses-murder-mystery-horror-film-seance-from-the-writer-of-youre-next Suki Waterhouse’s Murder Mystery Horror Movie Trailer “Surprise” Séance from the Writer — GeekTyrant

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