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When it comes to covering Fight Week, there are moments when it comes to bleeding and soaring expectations, rather than a great showdown. That’s exactly why the UFC beats fighters before every event. Some of the sport’s biggest stars have developed their own style to take advantage of competitive opportunities to give the final mental blow before the Fight Night.

Despite the rules of social distance applied during 2020 and around the world, we were still treated in many memorable confrontations.To start this year, and before COVID-19 arrived, we saw something like: Conor McGregor And Donald Cerrone Be intimate and personal with UFC 246’s ceremonial weighing in January. Chang Wei Lee And Joanna Jedrzejczyk Prior to the striking Strawweight title battle at UFC 248 in March, he exchanged words with a tense gaze.

The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic in March did not rob us of some memorable confrontations.

I was able to see the debut of the former KSW and EFC middleweight champions. Dorikas du Presis “Joker”, face to face with another name Marx PerezMiddleweight Champion, Prior to UFC Fight Night 179 in October Israel Adesanya He enjoyed a tense showdown, locking his eyes with his rivals Yoel Romero And Paulo Costa Prior to his two successful title defenses in 2020.

Summarize the best of the UFC’s 2020 showdown in the video above.

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Summarize the best UFC showdown in 2020 Summarize the best UFC showdown in 2020

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