Summary: At Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase, cats and betrayal were big themes.

Fluffy cat !! All your friends are aliens and they want to kill you.. Adorable creatures !! Existential horror.. Did that indie-themed direct leave you with emotional whiplash? Yeah, we too.

On the other hand, the whole host of cuteness is coming to the switch: Calico Do you run a cat cafe (hope the cat will fall a lot) and Fisty Fluff It’s all about hitting a cat (but you Also It’s okay because it’s a cat). Aruba: Wildlife Adventure Is a game to save animals and protect the environment, set in a beautiful sunny seaside town. Hoa Is a Ghibli-style platform game about little adventurers.

But be vigilant yet, unless you don’t want to be stabbed in the back. Betrayal games are a new spicy, it seems: while, oh, Pretty Popular Among us Inspired by werewolves GnosiaThere are many ways to secretly suspect that all your friends are monsters. Or, not so secretly, depending on how much they are lying.

Next is a hand-painted survival game. Trash sailor – Nominally a game of cooperation – But anyone who has tried to do a group project knows that relying on others is dangerous. Will any of us be trusted again?

I also saw new and old meet.Goofy drone pilot game Cosmo Kratz Promises a futuristic adventure in space (Bill Nighy will accompany you for some reason), but the yacht club Cyber ​​shadow With old-fashioned graphics MetroidStyle shooting game platform. Whether you’re anxious for the days of the SNES game, or can’t wait to shoot yourself at Mars with Elon Musk and Justin Bieber, there’s something for everyone!

If you want to stay where you are and fix the present, you may be grateful for the environmental friendliness. Aruba: Wildlife Adventure Or fix-em-up adventure Hazel skyBoth focus on gradual improvement of where you are already and how to connect with the people and creatures who already live there.

There is an interesting duality between Find paradise – A game that jumps into someone’s memory and sifts dusty nostalgia – and When there was a past, A girl’s game that has forgotten everything in the past, and what it really is good Thing. What’s good: let go or keep? To find the answer, you probably need to buy both.

So, overall, good news for cat lovers, friend traitors, and fans of both the future and the past. Bad news for those of us who want a dog game. Well.You can play anytime fog! A little more.

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