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2020 was characterized by exhilarating highs and overwhelming lows. The same is true for the TVs I’ve watched in the last 12 months. Some of them captivated our imagination and served as a great pastime, while others were creative and hindered by a setback or simply terrible.

As the New Year approached, I thought it was the best time to look back on the highs and lows of TV in 2020. This includes new comedies, veteran dramas, and isolated miniseries.

Be careful of spoilers!

Weak light- Ratched Season 1

Ryan Murphy is a busy showrunner and sometimes his business Material will be substandard.. Ratched A typical example of this problem. The setting of the times was fascinating, the cast of the ensemble was great, Murphy’s story was great, and it was a pulpy story. American Horror Story Wheelhouse.

However, there was also source material. Ratched Intended to be the first part of a classic movie On the cuckoo’s nest.. To be honest, the show was the worst when I was trying to connect the two worlds. It’s a shame that Murphy felt he had to rely on gimmicks. Ratched If it was its own independent creation, it might have been okay.

Hopefully the 10th season American Horror Story Rinse bad taste from our mouth.

highlight- Mandalorian Season 2

Star Wars It’s not a great place right now. The Last Jedi & The rise of Skywalker Things looked miserable until Disney Plus was rolled out, splitting the fan base like a galactic civil war. Mandalorian, Give all of us the spark of hope.The first season is praised all over the world, the second season Dig deeper into folklore of Star Wars space.

Sure, the season finale and cameo influx (including those from Luke Skywalker himself) rubbed some fans the wrong way, but in general, Mandalorian Season 2 was a rare victory in Disney’s time Star Wars..Expect new slate for the show Do not kill the momentum..

Weak light- 13 reasons Season 4

13 reasons I ran the course after the first season, but Netflix refused to let it die. Instead, the platform exposed viewers to a series of stale seasons, allowing them to rewrite and recreate their characters to squeeze out the last drop of the drama.

The problem is that no one cares anymore. 13 reasons There is no reason to exist, And the episode is played as if the writer was aware of this declining relevance. When the fan’s favorite Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn) dies, 13 reasons It has gone from annoying to completely intolerable. stop it.

highlight- Queen’s Gambit Season 1

Queen’s Gambit It was a television sensation in 2020. The limited Netflix series surprised viewers with a fascinating blend of chess magic, family drama, and self-destruction.Anya Taylor-Joy, the star of such a horror movie witch (2015) and Split (2016), gave her career performance.Fashion of the times Big selling point For trendy viewers.

Not sure if Netflix will bring it Queen’s Gambit Go back to another season and do it Stranger ThingsPhenomenon like. In any case, the show will be connected forever in 2020.

Weak light- Supernatural Season 15

Supernatural It was one of the longest-running shows on television at the end of the 15th season. The show was a staple of CW, a mix of fascinating stories and the undeniable chemistry of the two reeds.Sadly, the finale of the series It did not work Ten and a half years before that.

The· Supernatural The finale not only suffered from the plot and bystander of the beloved secondary character, but also the death of the main character, Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles). It felt operability and anti-climax at the same time, it’s not the feeling you want to leave to the viewer.

Summary of 2020 TV Highlights and Low Lights – Film Daily

https://filmdaily.co/obsessions/tv-2020-highs-lows/ Summary of 2020 TV Highlights and Low Lights – Film Daily

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