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The regular opening video package begins the show, and cruiserweight champion Jordan Devlin escapes. Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness welcome viewers to BT Sports Studios and throw them to Devlin for promotion.

Devlin speaks

Jordan Devlin says you want to be the best when you are an “ace”. Devlin says he wants to be “the best performer in the company under the age of 205.” Devlin was disturbed by the returning Trent Seven, who told Devlin that he was “correct.” Seven will carry out a list of Devlin’s recent achievements and tell him that he should face Devlin immediately. Devlin ridicules Seven and tells him if he can drop “at least £ 30”, and they can fight. Trent drops Devlin with a single blow before telling Jordan that it will be “less than £ 205.”

After the end of the segment, Eddie Dennis has been shown to hype Hunt for tonight’s big deadly 4-way elimination tag team match. After the ad break, a video package will air to promote NXT Women’s Championship Kaley Ray. Ray says he wants “the best in the world.” You will see an image of former Mae Young Classic rival Meiko Satomura talking about herself in Japanese. She will be coming to NXT UK soon, and it’s great! After the video, Pretty Deadly is shown warming up behind the scenes. The show then returns to the ringside as Ben Carter descends the ramp.

Ben Carter vs Sam Gladwell

Gladwell makes fun of New Jersey, starting by running down Carter for a promotion. Gladwell enters the ring, saying, “I’m not here to be a fireworks display.” The two tie up to start the match, and Gladwell temporarily defeats Carter. Gladwell continues to attack, moving Carter to the mat with a submission hold. Carter fights and hits a drop kick. They run the rope and Carter hits another big dropkick. Carter puts some kart wheels in the corners and hits Gladwell with a big splash. After a short distance, Gladwell continues to attack, hitting some of Carter’s huge forearms. Gladwell hits big boots and aims at the pin, but Carter kicks out. Gladwell will continue to take advantage until Carter attempts a surprise rollup. Carter tries to maintain momentum, but Gladwell returns to catching him and providing a throbbing offensive move. Gladwell tries the pin three times and locks the headlock because he is frustrated. Gladwell will continue to control Carter’s neck and head until Carter is released. Carter begins throwing chops, strikes, and then a roundhouse kick sends Gladwell outwards. Carter follows up on a dive and rewinds Gladwell inside the ring. Gladwell rolls to the other side and Carter makes another dive. When Carter attempts a stepping stone attempt, Gladwell returns to the ring but is caught. Gladwell follows up with a pin attempt and a ground and pound attack. Gladwell tries a big force move, but Carter disagrees. Carter hits the stepping stone and immediately heads for the top rope. Carter jumps off the top rope, connects to the frog’s splash, and then covers Gladwell 1-2-3.

Winner: Ben Carter

After the match, the South Wales subculture is shown warming up, as Sha Samuels can be seen talking to Noam Dar. Sha competes after a break. When the show returns, Smith and Carter appear, and it looks like they’re excited to attend the main event later.

Sha Samuels vs Josh Morel

The two tie up to start the match, and Samuels pushes Morel into the corner. The ref kicks them out of the corner and restrains them again. Sha takes down, but Morrell quickly stands up and applies the arm bar. Samuels paves the way, reverses the pressure and takes Morel to Matt. Morel powers up, makes some flippy movements, and temporarily reverses pressure, while Sha keeps control. Sha continues to attack and dominates Morel’s forearms and fists. Samuels takes a little time to be proud of himself and Morel tries to make a comeback, but Samuels is strong. Samuels hits a hard kick behind Morel and then sits down at Josh. Samuels forces Morel to run the rope, and Josh attempts a crossbody attempt with a rebound. Samuels catches Josh, but Morel keeps heating up, fighting and hitting a big kick. Morel maintains control and performs incredible standing aerial maneuvers before scoring on the verge of a fall. Morel records almost a big upset, but Samuels begins to heat up and hits a powerful clothesline. Samuels forces Morel to run the rope again and catches him with a hard spine buster. Samuels will follow up with a sleeper hold and Morel will tap out immediately.

Winner: Sha Samuels

After the match, an interview was conducted with Ilya Draganov last week. “He lost it altogether,” Dragunov says after the match. Sam Gladwell passed by, ridiculing Ilya and calling him a “loose cannon.” The show then returns to the ringside as Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster head for the ring. The show goes on an advertising break, after which the Nina Samuels vs. Xia Brookside graphic will be displayed and will be down next week. Andy tells us about the upcoming showdown, and Nigel tells us next week that Jordan Devlin will be competing in the NXT Cruiserweight Championship Open Challenge. Things are back in the ring and the rest of the team is standing in the ring, so Hunt is on their way.

Hunt vs Pretty Deadly vs Oliver Carter / Ashton Smith vs Flash Morgan Webster / Mark Andrews

The bell rings and Webster plays Smith. They tie up and vie for position. Andrews recorded a surprise rollup and the two have standoffs. They start fighting again and Webster tags. Webster and Smith will fight until Carter tags. Andrews also tags and hits a dropkick. The Lewis Blinds tag as Gallus is shown on the ringside. Carter and Smith show some impressive teamwork and take out Andrews. Smith keeps Andrews hot, so he tags Lewis. Smith taps on Lewis’s forearms until the primates tag them. Pretty Deadly cooperates easily, but Hunt hits the duel Suplex. A hockey battle breaks out, everyone fights, leaving primates and Smith in the ring. The boar tags and tries to pin Smith. Hunts work on Smith in their corners, and primates work on Smith. The hunt retains control and the boar tags again. After taking Carter out, the boar is defeated by Smith. Webster Smith tag. Webster and Andrews dive into everyone except Pretty Deadly, and Andrews returns to the ring. He met Smith and Carter, and everyone gets off again. Lewis tags and takes advantage of the fact that everyone is down. He fights Smith in an apron, and Carter jumps from the top rope to Lewis and uses him as a platform to jump on the ringside guys. Smith follows up by spiked Lewis and trying a pin, but Lewis is saved by his partner. The primates have tagged it and everyone is fighting again. They all go down for the third time, and this is such a war! The primates hit Smith with a large power move, tagged the wildbore, and attempted a double team move, but were blocked by Webster. Carter and Smith are primates and hit double team moves to eliminate hunts. Lewis works on Carter until Smith tags it. The stalker also tags and returns to fourth until Lewis fails in trying to help the stalker. This allowed Smith to tag Carter, who stalked a double-team move and it wasn’t long before. Andrews puts on a blind tag and Carter brings in Smith. Webster and Andrews make a double-team move with Smith and eliminate his team. It came down to Webster and Andrews vs Pretty Deadly! Webster and Lewis begin their final battle, and Pretty Deadly heats up. They work with Webster and quickly move tags in and out. Webster fights and tags Andrews. Andrews fights both Pretty Deadly until he hits the rollup, then tramples on Lewis’ chest. Andrews will follow up in the coming fall and continue to attack with a few chops. The stalker tags and pulls out Andrews’ knees. The stalker begins spinning the plane and enters half the Boston club. The stalker switches to Figure 4, and Lewis comes in to get the Webster. Websters flip each other quite deadly, allowing you to release the hold. Andrews shocks the stalker, and Webster immediately comes from the top rope and tries to pin. Lewis breaks the attempt and easily goes back and forth with Webster before being thrown from the ring to the stalker. Webster tags with Andrews and retrieves both Pretty Deadly. Andrews runs the rope, but he is taken out from behind by Eddie Dennis. Dennis hit Andrews on his knee in a chair and Andrews fell. Pretty Deadly hit a double team maneuver, allowing Lewis to make a cover and win his team’s victory. Pretty Deadly is the new number one candidate for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship.

Winner: Pretty Deady

Nigel and Andy quickly summarize much of what has happened now, and Pretty Deadly celebrates in the ring. Gallus plays several mind games and begins to approach the ring when the show turns black.

Wow, I never thought I’d get tired of typing, but the main event match was definitely tiring. If you missed it, please take a look. If you have already seen it, please see it again! Now let’s give out two prizes.

Night match: Deadly-4 Way

Night superstar: Ben Carter

That’s it for this week’s edition of NXT UK Recap. Next Friday, here at Rajah.Com, we’ll summarize another edition of NXT UK.

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Summary of NXT UK: January 28, 2021 | Summary of NXT UK: January 28, 2021 |

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