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Denver, Colorado – December 19: Joshualen # 17 from Buffalo Bills records a touchdown with Denver Broncos in the third quarter at Empower Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado on December 19, 2020. Did. (Photo by Matthew Stockman / Getty Images)

A summary of where Denver Broncos is ranked in the 16th week power rankings.

Denver Broncos had a hard time playing against Buffalo Bills in the 15th week. In the final score, he lost 48-19. It’s time to see how this affects this week’s power rankings.

The biggest obstacle was Josh Allen, Bills quarterback. Josh Allen completed 28 out of 40 pass attempts with 359 yards and two touchdowns. Allen also added two touchdowns to the run game.

The big question many had was how the lock would work a week after the lock threw four touchdowns and zero intercepts. The game gave the Carolina Panthers hope to Broncos fans.

Broncos’ performance against Bills was honestly not a big surprise. Buffalo is a legitimate Super Bowl candidate. But I wish I had seen a closer match. Unfortunately, it was a collapse.

In the 16th week, Broncos, who has a chance to finish the season with a record of 8-8, will face an opponent in the Los Angeles Chargers division who can finish with 7-9.

When it comes to defense, Broncos had a lot of trouble stopping Josh Allen and Stephen Digs. The two were connected by 11 of 13 targets at 147 yards. Allen also hit Cole Beasley with eight out of ten 112-yard targets. Broncos’ young and inexperienced cornerback was exposed.

It was a terrible day for the team’s defense. They also gave up three touchdowns on the ground.

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But let’s start the season. The team needs to conclude strongly as the playoffs are no longer possible. This week starts with the Chargers.

Where is Broncos in this week’s power rankings? Let’s check.

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Summary of power rankings for the 16th week Summary of power rankings for the 16th week

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