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Episode 490 ROH wrestling Cheeseburger reinvented himself as a world-famous CB in a pure match between Tracy Williams and Los Ingobernable, who are runaway without honor against the Hooligan rug tag crew.

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Before we get into the summary, let’s start by updating the rankings from ROH weekly.. Quinn McKay has announced the new Top 5 in the Pure category.

Pure championp
5. Fred Yehi
4. Duck draper
3. Let Titus
2. Josh Woods
1. Tracy Williams
Champ: Jonathan Gresham

Joe Keyes dropped out of # 3 after failing to steal the belt from Gresham Last week’s title match.. Titus moved up one and the draper went into the mix with # 4.

Time to hit the weekly ROH broadcast.

Beer City Bruiser tackled his action of breaking a beer bottle over Matt Taven’s head last week.. Brian Milonas confronted his tag team partner with anger over his longtime attack on his friends. Bruiser is tired of losing. I have no friends in wrestling. Bruiser ended up being a bitch. It was implied that Milonas should keep pace or pave the way for this new direction.

Tracy Williams and the Foundation are proud to give opportunities to undervalued and underutilized wrestlers. It’s up to them to prove that they can succeed in the ring. Williams gives Cheeseburger a shot, proving that everyone is wrong that he’s not just a novelty.

Cheeseburger is reinventing itself as a world-famous CB. The name Cheeseburger is the best and worst thing that happens in his career. Due to its popularity, he stood up for wrestling at Tokyo Dome and a team with the Beast God Thunder Liger. It also made fans see him as a novel act. The world-famous CB is a 10-year veteran and new wrestler trainer. This match against Williams is your chance to break through the cheeseburger ceiling.

Tracy Williams vs World Famous CB

A pure rule with a time limit of 15 minutes. The world-famous CB came in with a new stolen fur coat and cowboy hat.

The first big moment happened thanks to CB’s martial arts. The CB forced Tracy Williams to use the first break after the CB transitioned from Escalella’s obedience to naked strangulation, a double-arm trap. The only way Williams escaped was to use his mouth to bite the rope.

Williams counterattacked with a background suplex, a floatover suplex, and a standing knee drop. CB countered with a roll-up, but Williams turned it into a shoulder lock. CB used his first break. Williams focused on CB’s shoulder injury, but CB used his speed to secure his short-armed scissors. Williams put his foot on the rope and took a second break. Shoulder lock followed CB. Williams was in pain and used the last rope break for the third time.

Williams continued to attack with backbreakers, back suplexes, and gut wrench power bombs. CB kicked the pin. The CB fired with a punch and a head kick, but Williams won by exploding on a clothesline and a piledriver at 13:05.

Brody King was angry at winning the ROH World Championship rush at Los Ingobernables. final battle.. King also knows a few violent men if they want to be violent. Brisco rings the donkey all the way to Mexico. PCOs let them rest in hell.

Brody King, Briscoes, and PCO vs Rush, Dragon Lee, Bestia del Ring, and Flip Gordon

Amy Rose was commenting to support Los Ingobernables. Brisco came out separately to show that they are not yet peaceful with each other as a tag team.Because there was Kenny King Can’t compete, ROH’s board of directors chose Flip Gordon instead.

Los Ingobernables performed the trick by tagging and untagging Brody King without actually taking any action. After that, Lucador tagged Flip Gordon and started the fight. Los Ingobernables is not a friend of Gordon. Gordon disguised himself as a Dragon Lee mask and sneaked up to eliminate Kenny King in the world’s # 1 battle royale. Gordon will continue to prepare for the world title match. While Gordon was beating, Los Ingobernables refused to accept the tag from him. They threw him back into the ring many times for further punishment.

Los Ingobernables finally joined the salvation when Brisco covered Gordon after the teamwork power bomb cutter. The match ended in a big brawl. Los Ingobernables worked together to defeat King. The same tactic did not work with PCO. Their attack powered him up and committed suicide to Gordon.

Heated strikes were replaced everywhere.

Jay Briscoe and PCO made two suicide dives on Vestia and Rush. Mark Briscoe used a chair for a step-up shell to the lower body.

Babyface set up a rush on the table, but he moved as the PCO crashed due to a picket playing forward in the woods.

The referee was well confused and demanded a bell to invalidate the result.

During the violent quarrel, the camera showed the Foundation seeing a dissatisfied look on their faces on a behind-the-scenes monitor. “This is not a ring of honor,” Gresham lamented as Los Ingobernables posed in the ring to conclude the show.

Episode 490 ROH wrestling There was an interesting combination of technical style and eerie quarrel. Cheeseburger successfully shed his old image to show his wrestling prowess against Tracy Williams. His appearance was more attractive and his performance was more serious. This character turn should extend the shelf life of the CB until the fans return. The pink bandana on the CB boots is a tribute. Kimura Hana..

The main event was a great showcase for observing how Los Ingobernables operates. They taught Flip Gordon humorously lessons. I found it interesting, but I don’t think Gordon did. When it was time to fight, Los Ingobernables didn’t retreat. Their skills were fully exhibited to show why they are a force to be considered. If you haven’t seen Los Ingobernable, I think it was a good expression to understand what they were.

I loved the last little touch that showed frustration from the Foundation. Their dislike of the disgraceful actions taken by Los Ingobernables plant the seeds of a slow brewing feud between the two factions. We cannot blame the Foundation for being upset. They all worked hard in pure tournaments to regain the glorious days of ROH, and now many villains are ruining the order of things. Rush and Dragon Lee are ROH champions, so the Foundation can’t really do anything about it.

We conclude with a bonus match between Danhausen and Brian Johnson. Danhausen came in with a bag of money and a jar of teeth.

The match had a comedy taste when Johnson hit Danwasen with a microphone, put his foot on the rope and picked up the winning pin for leverage.

Share your thoughts on Episode 490 ROH wrestling.. Which wrestler performed outstandingly?

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Summary of ROH Wrestling: Los Ingobernable’s lack of honor is shameful Summary of ROH Wrestling: Los Ingobernable’s lack of honor is shameful

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