Summit1g explains why VALORANT is less fun than CS: GO

There’s been a lot of talk about CS: GO dying lately, but the game is pretty good in terms of daily user numbers. Popular streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek also caused some controversy on this topic and gave a proper explanation. But despite all the pointing Jaryd “Summit1g”, Lazar thinks CS: GO is more fun than VALORANT for both him and his audience.

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Summit 1g on why CS: GO is more fun than VALORANT

Summit1g has recently streamed a lot of “Sea of ​​Thieves” because it believes it’s the perfect game for both him and his audience. He enjoys it, gives him time to chat and interact, and has a good time he feels not in the case of VALORANT, the new shooter in town that everyone has praised. only.

He continued while he declared he wouldn’t play much VALORANT on his stream. “Always be a Counter-Strike boy” I’m also thinking of surfing CS: GO and starting his future stream.

Surfing is very popular at CS: GO

Explaining why he doesn’t enjoy VALORANT, he goes on to say that the game isn’t fun for both him and his chat. “Unless you’re really interested in VALORANT, the game isn’t that fun to look at from the viewer’s point of view.”

This is understandable because VALORANT is faster than CS: GO and has a wealth of capabilities and features that may not be appealing to many viewers who are new to the game. Summit1g specifically points out that for CS: GO, the utility adds player skills, usage, and timing to use instead of the spam that comes with VALORANT.

VALORANT has agent-specific spellsVALORANT has agent-specific spells

He goes on to say that other shooters don’t feel that way. “Counter-Strike sometimes (but) VALORANT gets even heavier by feeling like a god one day and the next day feeling like he’s never played a day in his life.” To him, this all feels very strange and seems to have been added to the list of disappointments.

This may have been a bit of a personal view by Summit 1g, but some of the points made by him have been passed down as a common consensus among many. And one thing is certain: VALORANT is growing steadily, while CS: GO is growing steadily, even though there are no signs of “declining”, while both of these games are on track. That is.

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