Sumo Group has launched a secret mode for publishing internal and independent projects

Sumo Group has launched a new publishing department called Secret Mode to help bring small projects to market.

UK company that owns Sackboy: Great Adventure Developer Sumo Digital and other studios said they would like to build a lasting partnership to support new projects from independent developers and their own in-house studios.

James Shall, former Vice President of Digital Distribution at Sega, leads Secret Mode as Director of Publishing. He will be joined by Derexek Lecchi, who previously worked as Senior Marketing Manager at Sega Europe.

“We want to break the stereotypical publisher-developer relationship and create a genuine, lasting partnership,” Schall commented in a press release. “Secret mode focuses on finding these little gems: the smart and creative games we wanted to develop.”

Paul Porter, Chief Operating Officer of Sumo Group, said the company wants to expand its business after previously publishing the following in-house projects: Snake pass, And described secret mode as the “natural progression” of the process.

“We, as developers ourselves, know that a good team wants to focus on enabling the best games without distraction,” Porter added. .. “Secret mode knows how to develop the talent of developers and provides the resources and creativity to help them skip their work.”

The news came after Sumo Group made some spending over the past year with the acquisition of many studios such as PixelAnt Games, Pipeworks and Lab 42.

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