Sun Haven is Stardew Valley, but has D & D

world of Stardew Valley-How nice more and more Healthy, And it’s a bit bitter because I don’t call them like Harvest Moon, but I’m glad the world has awakened to the charm of this particular hybrid. RPG game And Agricultural game.. But what if the balance was a little more in the RPG than in agriculture, and there were more sword and sorcery stories? That is what Sun Haven is aiming for.

Sun Haven just hit Steam Early AccessAfter success Kickstarter In 2020, settle in a renowned medieval town and complete the main quest of the story to fight monsters while restoring local shops and building farms. Anyway, if necessary, developers say there are non-violent options for overcoming encounters, including the last boss.

The game features multiplayer with up to 8 players and 15 romance options, from boring old men to elves, demons and other fantasy races.

Sun Haven is currently set to maintain early access for six months as developers complete the main quest line and add new areas, additional dialogs, new playable races, and other fixes. I will.

See the trailer above.

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