Sunbreak — Follower Quests and Support Surveys

While playing the base game at Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, I was able to form a group with some players. But switching to expansion too soon meant that there was a long stretch when I had to kill the beast myself. To be honest, after seeing the same creature many times, it really became my nervousness. Thankfully, the extension has a quirky new system that should be useful when soloing.This is our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak A guide to help you with follower quests and support surveys with your peers.

Note: we Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Stay tuned for guides and features that will soon become a hub.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Follower Quests, Support Surveys, and Companion Guides

Follower Quests and Support Surveys Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak When you reach Elgado Outpost, it will be unlocked.Specifically, defeat Thunder Serpent Narwa in a base game campaign and complete a mission. Daimyo Elmitauru.. Doing so will lead to a cutscene introducing Nightfiolein, followed by a trip to a new continent to meet the rest of Elgado. After a while, you will be informed about this new system.

This allows you to bring an AI-controlled companion during the hunt. They use items, cast weapon skills, and mount monsters if they are down. This single-player feature is a good way to get some form of assistance outside of Palico and Palamute. In a sense, if you don’t want to focus too much on the multiplayer experience, you need a backup, maybe even a random bunter.

Note: Companions that go down during a mission do not count towards the failure / retry limit.

Support survey

Support survey Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak You can choose from a pool of companions available and you can bring up to two by default. The choices are fairly limited, but you can also change the type of weapon. From there, take out the creatures you need for your purposes.

Note: When just introducing this system, only Fiorayne and Luchika are available as companions. By talking to her when she has a purple dialog box, you can unlock Ruchika. The rest will be made available by Follower Quest.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Follower Quest Support Survey Companion Guide 2

Follower quest

Follower quests are still hunting regularly, except that they are handed over by important NPCs. If you look at the character with the purple dialog box, you can see that there is something you can do. Or, if the character in question is in Kamura Village, a purple dialog box will appear on the head of the Elgado courier. After talking to them, talk to Chiche and choose the mission you want to do.

As mentioned above, only Fiorein and Ruchika can participate at first. Still, as you continue to increase your master rank, more quests will pop up. In addition, you may need to complete some follower quests before the person becomes part of the support survey selection pool.Anyway, here’s the other Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Companions who can help you on your journey:

  • Jee
  • Rondin
  • Arena Master Arrow
  • Hinoa
  • Minoto
  • Master depression
  • Elder Fugen

Note 1: You can also get royal order type weapons by completing the follower quest.

Note 2: Note 2: Fiorein joins you for some boss hunts such as Galangorum, Luna GaronWhen MarzenoBecause these are related to the story of the campaign.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Follower Quest Support Survey Companion Guide 3

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Available via vapor..

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak — Follower Quests and Support Surveys

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