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Sunday is to discuss what superpower you want and settle for an improved version of Midas Touch that keeps food from disappearing instead of turning things into money. Read the best articles about video games this week while the video games are still dated.

In the case of polygons, Charlie Hall writes about elite Dangerous players being scammed, trapped in space, and forced to work. I’m scared of space.

When docked on the ship with a custom mining device, the recruits were put on a ferry 800 light-years from the center of the Milky Way and rotted. What are their only gameplay options? Mining void opals and selling them back to about one-sixth of the fair market price or to carriers brought in by self-destruction.

For input, Chan Khee Hoon writes about cyberpunk, and how it needs to eliminate racism to survive. Take a closer look at the vague history of Orientalism and alien exclusion in this genre, as well as how indie developers are creating cyberpunk games with significantly improved expression.

However, the rampant use of this Asian iconography, while implying xenophobia of Japanese rule in the early days of this genre, never diminished in modern cyberpunk. Signs decorated with Asian characters and Japanese crafts such as swords, samurai armor, and helmets are still widespread and are an abbreviation for exoticism. Primarily Western audiences can instinctively perceive this image as extraordinary and intriguing, yet an unwanted invasion of Asia’s fast-growing impact. Even in a world full of tools of Asian culture, these cities lack their source: Asian people like me. With the exception of cyberpunk titles created by Japanese creators, I rarely appear in most cyberpunk stories.

In the protocol, Janko Roettgers wrote about the history of media player VLC. The desire to play Duke Nukem 3D really shows how to create something really special.

In addition to all this, Videolan also plans to celebrate its 20th birthday this year, starting with a literal moonshot. The team wants to equip their first commercial lunar space flight with a video time capsule later this year and is currently asking VLC users. Submit your own video. “There are a lot of people in the VideoLAN community who really love space,” Kemp said. “We have SpaceX fans, enthusiastic fans.”

You should now be familiar with these parts of the two big names. Brendan is Blendy’s podcast Hey Lesson! In the latest episode of, special co-host Matt Cox (!) Participated. They talked to board game historians and tried to answer the question, “Who invented chess?” What a hospitality.

I wasn’t Dr. Albert Chess. I’m sorry. You probably never know the exact origin of this ancient strategy game and funny horse. But we can try to find out! And it begins by asking a board game historian for a noble game background. Where did it come from? Did you always feel very stuffy? Has chess ever faced competition with other ancient board games? Ask Ulrich Schedler of the Swiss Museum of Games to speed up the multiplayer battle arena, which has not been patched since the 15th century.

This week’s music is Somewhere In The Woods from the game A Short Hike. A very fun song for your eardrum.

Do you feel cursed the other day when you hear the sound of Conch 18,000 years ago? Since then, when I touch the metal door handle, I feel like I’ve received a lot more static shots. I slowly agree with the fact that one of the antistatic wristbands used by PC builders may need to be worn permanently.

I also discovered this montage of Bob Mortimer, who plays real estate agent Alistair from the comedy series Monkey Trousers. Gave me a proper laugh.

OK. That’s me Have a great weekend.

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