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Serious suspicion was cast on the March run to go to AGPAustralia’s strict border controls can be an insurmountable obstacle in the short term.

Work was done on the concept of the biosphereYou’ve seen F1 teams and drivers working in a tightly controlled bubble, but it seems impossible to avoid two weeks of quarantine.

If the expected postponement progresses, there is no need to change the F1 schedule. The supercar was scheduled to host the second round of the 2021 season at Albert Park.

However, it is understood that the supercar booked Sundown in slots from March 18th to 21st as part of last year’s 2021 calendar plan, and has been backed up for a long time.

Although not officially confirmed at the time, Sandown was listed as part of the “Flex Options”. Supercar calendar announcement..

A spokeswoman told last night: No statement will be issued until official news about the fate of AGPHowever, the category position has been updated so that you can now see that Sandown is locked and loaded if needed.

“If the changes don’t move the AGP forward, we’re ready to race on the Sundown Raceway the same weekend,” read a short statement from the supercar.

Sundown has not hosted supercars since November 2019. The circuit missed last season thanks to the second wave of the COVID-19 case, which locked down Melbourne from July to October.

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Sundown confirmed as a backup for Albert Park Sundown confirmed as a backup for Albert Park

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