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Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams is a really great person on and off the court. He is enthusiastic about drawing plays and improving his team very well, but with a gentle heart that touches everyone in the NBA world.

Thus, the proof of his empathic atmosphere is Deandre Ayton.

Williams shared his feelings about Deandre Ayton’s contract issue. In an interview with Sam Amick of The Athletic, a 50-year-old mentor was asked about his views on the contract issue of a young big man and whether there are any long-term implications for the future.

“Yes, I don’t think it will happen because you can still play the ball. We are still paid. For me — and I can’t talk to anyone else — my goal is men. Is to help the man win and get paid. So when a man can’t get what he wants, and [the two sides] I disagree, I take it as I didn’t do enough, do you know what I’m saying? That seems to be my job. And that’s how I see it.

“I heard everything [about Ayton’s situation], And I have been familiar with information and conversation. But for me, as a floor leader, that’s what I take seriously. Now I’m not the reason everyone is paid. But when they don’t get what they want, or when negotiations go wrong, I ask, “Well, how can I help them?” Because that’s my job — that guy is all of them. It’s about helping you reach your goals. That’s how I see it. “

– Sands Head Coach Monty Williams (via Athletic Sam Amic)

And when asked if there was a moment when he asked Eighton if he was still “on the same page” after every drama, Williams said he was just frank with Eighton and that concern was as a tactician. Said that it was not part of his work.

“I’ve never done that with him. He and I were always pretty straight. You know, he knows how much I care about him — I tell him I tell everyone how much I care about them. I love them. Why should the situation be different from other situations? It’s not my deal. I’m it I do X and O.

Before the 75th season of the league began, the main story of Sands was about Eighton’s contract extension. At that time, the franchise was reportedly reluctant to give his desired maximum contract extension to the 2018 No. 1 overall choice. As a result, both parties disagreed with the terms as the signature deadline was finally reached. Therefore, the center has become a restricted free agent for the next offseason.

It may have been complicated on the part of Ayton and Phoenix so far, but Williams’ accountability is a comforting gesture, showing that he is more than just a coach. His willingness to help can be a motivator for Eighton to work hard and get the huge bag he deserves.

So far, Eighton has a familiar 13.0 points, averaging 11.3 rebounds in his four previous meetings with Sands. His spectacular performance on his first playoff run these days was remarkable, so his presence to move forward will be greatly needed by the Valley. He continues to bloom and improve, and the sky is the limit of his ability to be molded as a prototype center.

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Suns HC Monty Williams is responsible for Deandre Ayton’s contract issues Suns HC Monty Williams is responsible for Deandre Ayton’s contract issues

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